President Trump Calls for the Press to Report the Truth

Everyone knows things are not always what they seem, especially when stories come from the Press.  It also goes by which news source we hear the information from.  Any story and video can be edited to make or break a topic or a person.

The same goes for the facilities of migrant detention centers.  Take the news media and Democrats together, and you will see the worst situations coming out of the dark side.  Nevermind anything positive or good, they will not cover the story.

If it is meant to degrade the president or American citizens and put illegals over everyone, then they are on top of it.

Typical CNN is the only one so far who has been inside one of the facilities in Clint, Texas.  CNN is notorious for making President Trump, and the Republicans look bad.  When the president told the press, he wanted them to “go and see” inside the migrant centers, he was talking about a reliable press, not just CNN only.

Of course, they used the opportunity when AOC decided to go and visit the location.  She painted the picture of something horrible, and the press exploited it.  President Trump was questioned about the U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility if he knew the living conditions.

He responded to the reporters, “What we’re going to do is I’m going to start showing some of these detention centers to the press.  I want the press to go in and see them.  We’re going to send people in. We’re going to have some of the press go in.”

Just a few days after Democrats visited the facility, President Trump fired back the truth of the matter, which is something Democrats always leave out.  Democrats expressed outrage but only with edited videos to show the humanitarian crises at the U.S. and Mexican border.

The biggest complaint is how overcrowded it is at the facility.  President Trump responded, “They’re crowded, and we’re the ones who were complaining about they’re crowded.

They’re crowded because people come up, but now thanks to Mexico it’s slowing down greatly.  But it is crowded, but we want to have the press go in and see.”  At the moment, the president was still calling The Times “fake news.”

Is it not strange that only CNN and the Times cover these kinds of stories?  Last month they reported how full the facility in Clint, Texas was, stating how there were more than 100 children detained and how the sleeping conditions were a nightmare.

They gathered a group of lawyers and doctors and brought them to the facility to claim how hygiene and health problems were a major issue.  Of course, it is, have them quit coming here, and we will not have that problem.

The problem is overcrowding.  It would not be overcrowded if they stayed where they belong.  This is common sense, but oh, we are talking about the Democrats over here.  They have no common sense in such matters.

One of the dumbest Representatives who represents New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, showed up at the Clint facility and took a tour.  Was the tour filmed?  Not all of it!

It was edited to fit the part.  She came back and said on Twitter, “People (are) drinking out of toilets, officers laughing in front of members Congress.  I brought it up to their superiors.  They said ‘officers are under stress & act out sometimes.’ No accountability.”

Here are the facts, and it shows how one-sided CNN really is.  It’s overcrowded, fine, we can give them that one since they come here by the millions every year ILLEGALLY!

They claimed there was no food, toiletries, or anything for good living conditions.  Then why did the border patrols show journalist who took a tour, and the press did not report or film the food and toiletries by the pallets.

An 8-year-old boy from Guatemala told lawyers he did not shower or change his clothes.  Could it be because he did not want to or did not have any clothes brought with him for the trip?

The boy said, “There are always cookies, but the food does not fill you up and I am hungry. I can go to the bathroom when I need to (it is in the room) and there are soap and water to wash my hands.

I am not scared. No one scolds me or is mean here. It is OK, but I want to see my parents.”