President Trump Called These Far-Left Radicals a Terrorist Organization…Is One of Them Living Next Door?

The cold-hearted bent on the destruction of America anarchist group referred to as “Antifa,” has become widely recognized for their violent terrorist activities. Their habit of sticking their masked noses where they don’t belong has resulted in even the most peaceful of protests and demonstrations, including their famed appearance in Charlottesville, into roaring infernos of hate.

The primary goal of Antifa is to create chaos and violence where there previously was none. And they are masters of their chosen trade. These malicious meatheads are so far left even Dumbocrats oppose them. I know. Right? Well…not all of them, but some of them do.

So who are these far left-wing piglets from hell? What rock did they crawl out from under? How organized are they? You may be surprised by the answers to these questions.

There are no specific requirements or membership applications to be completed for joining the ranks of this ragtag band of thugs, lacking in any form of an organizational hierarchy.

It’s up to each individual claiming a non-existent membership to make up their own personal set of rules as they go. And while some of ANTIFA’s psychopaths might display far more violent tendencies than others, there is never a shortage of crazy wherever they make an appearance.

ANTIFA was loosely formed in Portland, Oregon in 2007, and with a substantial number of its so-called members still living there today, the city remains an active playground for their devious and sometimes deadly domestic terrorist games.

Some of these games include violently assaulting members of the press and publically professing how every Police Officer needs to die. These bizarre ideologies have been passed along and adopted nationwide by heathenistic humanoids who didn’t get spanked enough as children.

Their signature uniform consists of wearing all black clothing topped off with a black ski mask to hide their cowardly faces. If one of them were to remove their cute little hat, you’d see a head of artificially colored hair in the most horrid color achievable by mixing different colored hair dyes together. Intelligence is not their strongest suit, but how much of it does it require to set a trashcan on fire? It’s a rhetorical question.

When Antifa started to gain notoriety and momentum after several clashes with right-wing groups, President Trump Tweeted, “major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an ‘ORGANIZATION of TERROR.”

After their recent rash of rage has been felt all around the nation with regard to the killing of George Floyd, Trump has made clear in no other words, he WILL definitely label ANTIFA with the handle of, “terrorist organization,” as he very well should. The man calls them as he sees them and there is not a darn thing wrong with his vision.

There is some discrepancy among some concerning who is responsible for the disruption of the otherwise peaceful demonstrations currently underway from sea to shining sea. Some are quick to blame the alt-right while others know in their knowers it’s the demonic left-wingers.

To settle the dispute, this is what our fearless president had to tweet about it, “It’s ANTIFA and the Radical Left. Don’t lay the blame on others!” There you have it. ANTIFA wins the brass ring, and who better to know?

In his attempts at being his usual diplomatic self, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo would not specifically call out ANTIFA by name during an appearance on Fox News, “Sunday Morning Futures.” Biting his tongue he called the rioters “ANTIFA-like.” That told America all it needed to know.

As the son of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison tweeted his support for ANTIFA, some Democrats, of course, were quick to jump on the bandwagon by singing their praises for the great work the group was doing by burning buildings, destroying property, and attacking law enforcement. Great job, guys.

Wherever ANTIFA goes, there will be trouble. Due to their loose organizational structure and lack of leadership, it’s impossible to identify where they all live. They only come out when the carrot of violence and mayhem is dangled before their faces, and that’s when they cover them with a ski mask. Until something like that happens, they hide in plain sight. Possible next door.