Polls Show Lower Approval Ratings for Congress Than Trump

According to the Monmouth University Polling Institute in West Long, which favors Democratic numbers being higher than Republicans. It shows Congress has a lower approval rating than President Trump. Usually, this poll does not favor Trump or his administration. In fact, his ratings in this poll have dipped a few points. Still, he remains on top and even with high numbers considering.

President Trump came in at 43 percent of approval rating, according to the University. It fell only a few points where he hovered around 48 percent for an extended period. Considering it is a favored Democratic poll, these are still outstanding numbers for President Trump.

What made everything hilarious is a favored Democratic poll showed Congress’ approval rating at only 32 percent. What else can we expect from the “Do Nothing Democrats?”

The news articles which favor the Left side of the fence tried to paint it as a decent picture. They said, “Though by a slightly lower margin.” It’s a lot lower! There is an 11 point difference. The studies from the poll showed there were 808 adults of 18 and older and was taken over the phone between April 30 and May 4.

Most of these polls are fake, but it was the only time one can recall where the Democrats came in with such low numbers for approval ratings on their own polls. The figures for the way Congress handled the coronavirus was small as well. The approval rating was at 38 percent, and 47 percent said they did a lousy job.

There was a ten percent increase in the figures as to how bad Congress was doing from March. It was 37 percent in March. The further along we go, we can see Congress is losing grounds within their own party. 99 percent of it is by their own lies, which people are finally starting to realize.

President Trump and Congress have been in a heated debate since the virus came to America with one person showing tested positive earlier this year. President Trump silenced the critics by using documentation, timelines, and even a video of reporters covering the cases of those infected and the death tolls.

Never Trumpers can not stand him, but the argument can be easily won due to the transparency of the Trump administration. He has been nothing but honest while at the same time allowing Congress and the media to foolishly expose themselves. People are tired of the games, and it proves this in the numbers of this poll.

Every time President Trump has mentioned something to help the people who were suffering from the virus, the Democrats bashed him and laughed at him. Who’s laughing now?

Last month, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi angered many Americans by showing off her fancy refrigerator with buckets of ice cream. While people were suffering due to Congress holding up the stimulus relief funds for their own agendas, people saw their true colors.

Not to mention, the stuff Pelosi and the Democrats put in the bills had nothing to do with helping the American citizens. This added fuel to the fire. Those who opposed President Trump sure cashed in on the $1,200 plus $500 per child payments really quick.

It is clear to see who the enemy is. As we go along with some of the states refusing to open up and continue to take away our Constitutional rights, those approval ratings will continue to plummet. This falls into President Trump’s favor as he continues to work tirelessly for the American people.

The GOP Senate is another issue that shows the people who are ready, willing, and able to do their job. The Senate reopened this week while the House decided they did not want to show up for work to help the country get over these hard times.

The Senate took the agendas on the stimulus relief programs and, at the same time, took on other issues like getting those judges into those federal seats, which have been put off for two and a half to three years. This angered the Democratic House severely. They want the Senate to focus solely on the coronavirus.

The question is if they are so worried about the Senate and what they are doing, why aren’t they showing up to work? Trump wanted those federal judges put in place, and they will be put in place one way or another. So as the polls show, Congress has failed us!