Planned Parenthood Fighting Dirty

The murderous Planned Parenthood organization is starting to take shots at Republican candidates. Planned Parenthood loves to kill people. And now they are attacking people that stand for life.

One candidate that is feeling their heat is Senator Martha McSally and her campaign team. Their focus is to attack her and the team by posting ads. Their goal is to discredit her and build a case for people to approve federal funding of abortions. McSally is a pro-life candidate that is looking to provide healthcare for all women in the state of Arizona.

Dylan Lefler, who is McSally’s campaign manager has stated: “We expect every hysterical liberal special interest group in the country to invade Arizona with false, negative ads for the next year since they know it is a pivotal race to keep the Senate majority.”

Murderous Planned Parenthood desires to put an extreme amount of pressure on the Republican Senators, so they would oppose Trump and get him to return federal funding, so they can continue to murder babies.

Planned Parenthood has announced its targets as being McSally, Cory Gardner, and Thom Tillis. These poor Senators are going to have to play the political game as they are targeted by the stupid Planned Parenthood.

The agency already receives some funding and is planning on spending about $1 million on worthless ads. The fact that they are running ads shows that they are more of a political entity along with being murderous.

The organization likes to title their murders as being healthcare for helpless women. They like to create the victim with women that do not want to live up to their responsibility of raising a child.

Under the guise of women’s health care, they kill innocent babies and seek to sell their body parts or collect the babies in jars for their collections. Planned Parenthood is nothing more than a center for murdering people.

Their press group stated that “The paid campaign aims to reach and mobilize key communities, such as Black women in North Carolina and the Latinx community in Arizona, that have been hit the hardest by the Trump administration’s attacks on sexual and reproductive health care programs, including Title X.” These liars claim that President Trump is strangling the right for women to kill their babies. But the truth is that he is preserving life against all costs.

The dumb Democrats even tried to cancel out the president’s “gag rule” by slipping it into a funding bill. But the Republicans caught on to their devious plan and killed it before it ever reached the president. McSally and her campaign stated that “They can spend all they want but Martha will not back down in the fight to protect real health care for women in Arizona, especially the ones served by community health centers who take care of far more women than Planned Parenthood, and to protect life.” McSally and the other Senators are ready for the false ads. They are determined to not let it harm the reelection in 2020.

Planned Parenthood donates a lot of money to the Democrats because they also support murdering babies. Planned Parenthood maintains that “Republican senators are attacking access to affordable birth control and other vital reproductive health services by standing with the Trump administration’s dangerous gag rule.”

Planned Parenthood makes murder seem like health care. It is not caring, it is the extinguishing of a little life. Each year they kill 300,000 souls. All in the name of a choice. They forget about the baby’s choice. Which is to live.

They also stated that “Congress has the power to take action, and the American people want them to stop putting politics over their health and protect access to affordable health care.”

Congress may be able to act but without the support of the Senate and the president, their attempts to fund murder will never come to reality. McSally and the other two Senators are standing up for the babies. They seek to continue to promote pro-life views in politics and represent those that cannot yet defend themselves.