Petty Pelosi Shunned by America for Ripping up SOTU Speech

Whether President Trump realized her diss at the moment or not is unknown. But he certainly didn’t acknowledge it in either case. He, being the bigger man, simply began his speech.

It was an excellent address, mentioning nothing of partisan favor, the impeachment trials, or the sham of the job the Democrats have done in trying to rid America of their leader. Instead, he spoke of family, life, and hope. In his 82-minute-long speech, he celebrated the birth of a baby born at 21 weeks, honored the last surviving Tuskegee Airmen, and returned a military father to his surprised family.

But Pelosi must not have been pleased about what he said because while Trump was making his closing remarks with the whole room standing and applauding, she took his speech and literally ripped it up on national television.

Naturally, things haven’t exactly been smooth sailing between the White House and the Democratic party for some time, as the latter has brought impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, first in the House of Representatives and now in the Senate. In the House, led by Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff, Democrats ultimately sent two impeachment charges to the Senate for approval.

The Senate now has the choice to agree with the charges and officially impeach Trump or acquit him, giving the right to finish this term and possibly even return for another four years. The vote took place on Wednesday, only one day after the SOTU.

Therefore, the actions made or not made by both Trump and Pelosi are understandable. However, as so many on social media agree, what Pelosi did was simply “petty” and childish. She only proved Trump’s October accusation that she is a “third-grade politician.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said, “How petty of Pelosi. Ripping up a piece of doesn’t change the facts that were written on it…”

Florida Representative Marco Rubio tweeted, “The Speaker embarrasses herself by ripping up her paper copy of the speech in dramatic fashion. So pathetic.”

And many more attested to the ridiculousness her actions showed, how she is so full of hate that a speech about love and acceptance put her over the edge.

Now, we are not absolving Trump’s decision to not shake her hand. After all, if he had, maybe she wouldn’t have responded so childishly. However, as an adult, a politician, and a leader of our nation, she can control her actions and choose how to react.

She could have simply chosen to ignore Trump’s lack of acknowledgment. If she had, she would have looked like the bigger man, instead of a jealous school girl.

As one individual said, “How utterly disrespectful & immature.”