Pence Now Joins with Trump and Tells Congress to Act on the Border

The mass media has everything about President Trump and the border completely wrong. The media wants everyone to think that President Trump does not believe that the conditions at the border are bad.

He is the first one to bring it to the attention of lawmakers and the demonized Democrats made fun of his requests for border funding claiming that he has made the entire thing up. Now the demons of the Democratic party are seeing what he is talking about, and they want the media to blame Trump for it all.

The claim that Vice President Mike Pence and President Trump cannot agree with the truth of the border is a made-up lie and is an attempt by the devious Democrats to drive a wedge between the two leaders.

Pence toured the facilities and saw the conditions of the detention centers. He saw what President Trump has been screaming about for three years. And he agrees that there needs to be something done sooner than later.

Pence was not surprised at what he saw there. Everyone that lives in the real world could tell things were bad. It is mindless Democrats that live with their heads in the clouds that refused to believe what the conditions were like at the border.

They created these conditions by the unwillingness to address it in years past. The Democratic House has been dragging their feet for two years now, and they will not even work with anyone to help solve the conditions at the border.

They refuse to change the horrible laws that govern immigration. It has been the Republican Senate that has worked with the president to solve some problems. And it has been the President that has gotten international help in stemming the flow.

No one is doubting that the conditions at the border at terrible anymore. Even though it took the dorky Democrats years to catch up with the rest of the world. The problem now is that the demonic Democrats want people to believe that they found the problem, and they are the ones that are going to fix it.

The real truth is that the Democrats are the problem and always have been. Under Obama, there were kids in cages and there was never a cry from one Democrat about how they were being treated then.

Why now? Why all the attention? The answer is they are making a political statement about it because it is their last-ditch effort to try to get people to believe that the president is the problem.

It is time for the Democrats in Congress to listen to their Republican coworkers and solve the immigration problem now before it is really out of hand. When asked about the conditions of whether it was acceptable or not Pence replied that it was not acceptable.

He went on to say “That’s the reason why we demanded that Congress provides $4.6 billion in additional support to Customs and Border Protection.” The “we” in his statement includes Trump. There is no division over this issue between the two men. They both are on the same page regarding the border.

Congress denied the $4.6 billion and came up with a ridiculous plan of their own that they could not even get votes for in the Senate. The Senate had to act and provide a plan that was acceptable for the president to sign to help down south.

This year’s congressional Democrats are worthless and it is time for them to see that they are not welcome to make any more laws for America. It is time for them to go home and let a new generation of Republicans and true Americans take over.

Any decline in the number of migrants coming over the border is largely imparted to President Trump’s work with Mexico. The president does care about people, and he has had to get creative to see that the migrants at the border are protected and cared for appropriately.

The Democrats have long forgotten about the people down south until just a month ago when Cortez made her embarrassing appearance at the border.

She had her hired photographer take fake pictures of her acting like she cared for and everything. Just another political stunt by Democrats trying to dupe people into believing they care when they do not.