Pelosi Claims Trump’s Mexico Tariff is a ‘Distraction’

Pelosi Claims Trump's Mexico Tariff is a 'Distraction'
Pelosi Claims Trump's Mexico Tariff is a 'Distraction'

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic House Speaker from California, stated that President Trump’s Mexico tariff threat is a mere “distraction” from the recent findings of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russia’s coordination with the 2016 election of Trump.

This comes after Trump announced his plan for imposing 5% tariffs on all goods from Mexico only one day after findings from the Mueller report were made public.

The tariffs will rise to 25% until migration from Mexico is restricted at the US southern border.

A redacted version of this report was released by Attorney General William Barr in April.
It spoke of the possibility that the Kremlin and Trump had worked out a deal and that obstruction of justice by Trump was possible.

However, after 22 months of investigation on Mueller’s part, he could find no direct evidence that Russia was in fact, involved.

Moreover, it could not determine at that time if Trump had obstructed justice. This was announced in late May.

Soon afterward, then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Barr concluded that, based on this report, there was not enough evidence to support obstruction of justice either.

However, many Democratic members of Congress have voiced their concerns about these findings, leading to several of them, and one Republican, raising the issue of impeaching Mr. Trump.

As he remarked several times throughout the Mueller investigation, Trump still claims “no collusion.”

Pelosi believes that Trump is only “goading” Democrats into impeachment ideas for political reasons and, therefore, is not in favor of it at this time.

But she doesn’t agree with the tariffs either. On Wednesday, she called it a “bad policy” and “notion mongering.”

She also mentioned that if a presidential veto was put in place over the issue, she thinks the Senate will “probably” have the power to override it.

When speaking of the “problem” at our southern border, Pelosi said she is aware but wants to find other ways to work with Mexico for its migratory solution, including putting “humanitarian assistance at the border to help meet the needs of the people coming in.”

On the Republican side, not many have weighed in on the topic yet, and so it is uncertain as to whether they will back Trump on enforcing these tariffs. The idea is a bit tricky as it could reignite trade issues thought to be primarily settled by the new pact between the US and Mexico.

When speaking with Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the issue, he said there was “not much support in my conference for tariffs.” This was said after attending a lunch meeting with White House officials and GOP senators on Tuesday.
He and several others are hoping that the tariffs can be avoided and, therefore, “we won’t have to answer any hypotheticals.”