Pelosi Accuses McConnell of ‘Cover-Up’

The devious Democrats will stoop to low levels to manipulate and cheat their way through politics. For over three years they have lied and accused just about every member of the president’s staff and administration.

Nancy Pelosi is no different. She has gone along with every fake accusation and bogus investigation that her sorry party has drummed up. She even delayed the release of the impeachment articles to the Senate because she knows that what they have done is wrong and really will go nowhere. And now it seems that she is moving to attack the leading member of the Senate.

Nancy Pelosi has once again falsely accused Mitch McConnell of devising and supporting a resolution to nullify the articles of impeachment that the corrupt Democrats have designed behind closed doors. She is calling the alleged move by McConnell a “cover-up.”

Her accusation hits to the very heart of the matter with the Republicans and others that know the president is innocent. She has proved once and for all that she will say anything to try to prove her false articles. It proves that she and the Democrats will stop at nothing to destroy people they hate.

Her accusations against McConnell are just another way to attack people. She stated in full that “The dismissing is a cover-up. Dismissing is a cover-up. If they want to go that route, again the senators who are thinking now about voting for witnesses or not, they will have to be accountable for not having a fair trial.” Pelosi speaks about having a fair trial. But everything that they have put the president through has been anything but fair.

They have not once supported the president. Every single action that he has taken has been met with suspicion and attacks. Everything from environmental decisions to protecting the country they have fought against.

In their latest attack, they have sided with the enemy of Iran’s leadership and have turned their backs on the country that gives them their freedoms. Nancy Pelosi has joined with the Islamic terrorists in their attempts to push the United States in things that would harm people. But Pelosi and her party will join with anyone that hates President Trump.

Senator Josh Hawley devised a bill that Mitch McConnell signed that would dismiss all the charges against the president. The silly Democrats devised the articles of impeachment, and then they just sat on them.

She did not turn them over to the Senate because they are based on false accusations and bogus assumptions. President Trump was charged with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. But no one believes the articles are truthful because of the way things were handled and the way that they developed. Everything was a sow for spectators was fabricated behind closed doors.

The funny part about Pelosi’s predicament is that her people cannot agree on how the trial should proceed. They are dragging their feet because her party is fractured. They are a divided house. And a divided house cannot stand.

They are on their way to destruction. To avoid the embarrassment of her stalling she has agreed to release the articles later on in the week. Pelosi claims that she has no ulterior motive to withhold the articles. But that would be a lie. Every Democrat has a criminal motive for the things that they do.

Pelosi stated that “I’ve always said I would send them over. There shouldn’t be any mystery to that.” At least no mystery that she is willing to admit to. The nasty Democrats have accused the Senate of aligning themselves with the White House. They are scratching and reaching for straws.

They just cannot stand the truth the president is one of the best presidents to ever sit in the White House. The House wants to see witnesses testifying to the Senate floor. But that really would serve no real purpose.

The words that the witnesses would say have been hand-fed by Creepy Adam Schiff. All the witnesses up until now have been interrogated behind closed doors. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi have conspired against the president and should stand trial for their actions.