Pathetic: Pelosi and Company Spent a Lousy 115 Seconds at Work Before Adjourning

The big story is and has been all about the coronavirus, but one of the other common headlines has constantly been about what the government is doing about the crisis. As one story reported, if your name is Nancy Pelosi, the answer is apparently – not much.

In particular, that story said it was exactly “115 seconds” worth of not much. That is exactly how long the high court of Congress, led by Ms. Pelosi, was in session today. This is how that story reported the morning’s brutally long work session and our government’s tirelessly long workday:

“The session started at 10 a.m. and 42 seconds and ended at 10:02 and 37 seconds” which is a 1 minute and 55-second workday. Yes, that is 115 seconds worth of tireless, focused, and dedicated effort on behalf of the American people. The people and voters they serve.

Alas, sometimes it isn’t quantity but quality, right? So what precisely did Pelosi and her leadership accomplish? Great question! According to our story, the summary of this day said: “The House has already completed a short Pro-forma session, adjourning until 11 am tomorrow.”

Yes, the agreed to adjourn, and then reconvene the following morning – whew! We can almost break a sweat just thinking about it. And this makes perfect sense, after all, because there really isn’t much for the government to be doing right now.

As this story came out it didn’t go without the same type of shock and guffaw that you feel right now. Taking to the Twitterverse, the thoughts expressed regarding our government’s 115-second workday ranged from funny to serious.

“Apparently @SpeakerPelosi has to go out and do some research on the environmental harm that will result from not allowing the airline industry to evaporate,” said one tweet.

Another more sobering tweet read, “House Democrats couldn’t put more than 115 seconds into their workday today? Thank God these people aren’t staffing our hospitals.” Think about the gravity of that for a moment.

Unfortunately, however, the responsibility and the resources we need to navigate this crisis falls squarely on the shoulders of our government. People like Nancy Pelosi, who gave 115 seconds toward helping find answers and solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic today.

The economic concerns as a result of this crisis, the looming burden on the healthcare system, and the viability of businesses hurt by this crisis, certainly these topics were addressed. The food and supply chain issues, the medical supply shortages, and the need to find a vaccine were also thoroughly discussed, right?

It was almost two minutes, a lot can be covered, processed, and solved in… 115 seconds.

Maybe they all needed time to go home and take time to think. Perhaps they all had research to do, data to collect, and other business to attend to. We all want to believe that, don’t we? But how many of us honestly believe that this is what happened after that long day in session?

Yes, we are very grateful that these aren’t the people who we rely on for healthcare, but in many ways we do. And that is where the entire story turns from being almost funny to becoming deadly serious. Great, we have a stimulus package now, which will help so many in this time of need but there is so much work to be done.

There is an obvious need in America and all over the world right now. A need for leadership, for answers, and for solutions. In the light of this dire crisis, Nancy Pelosi and the Dems felt these unprecedented events demanded almost two minutes of their time.

Our story closed with a thought and a question that may have crossed your mind more than once at reading this, a simple but blunt question, “WTF are they waiting for?”

The answer is nobody knows. What is quite evident though is exactly what Congress has done to face our newest enemy, not much. In fact, not much at all, not even two minutes.