Parents Sentenced for Dissolving Their 2-Year-Old’s Body in Acid

Low-life scum seems to be on the rise in some areas of the country. And just when things could not get any worse a Texas man and his wife were found guilty of tampering with a corpse. They were both found guilty of trying to dissolve the remains of their 2-year-old girl in a tub of acid. The child had died and for some strange reason, they felt it necessary to liquefy their deceased daughter in a bunch of acids. Sick minds of two people that do not deserve to have any kids.

Both the parents were taken into custody and their apartment was searched. The remains of their daughter were found stuffed in a five-gallon container. They had hidden everything in the closet hoping that they would not be discovered. The debauchery and sickness of their minds are beyond reason. There was acid in the container and it was actively dissolving the little girl’s remains.

The parents were trying to hide something as they tried to destroy the evidence of what they had done. One of the parents took a plea deal and the other pleaded guilty to several things that put the child in danger. The mother will end up with 20 years in prison for the way she treated her little girl. This is not the first time that the mother had injured her children. Her 9-month-old baby had been treated for broken bones.

The two idiots could not be charged with murder because they had destroyed too much of the body. No cause of death could ever be found. The mother told investigators that the death was accidental claiming that the child had drowned while taking a bath. The baby was left alone when the child slipped under the water. This sad couple should have done the right thing and called for help. But instead, the mother wanted to just get rid of the body. Cowards to the core. She was afraid of what people would say or do to her. Unless she is lying about the child drowning. The other kids in the home were put into protective custody.

These two sorry idiots were more afraid of what could happen than doing the right thing. They sound like the Democratic Party. They try to do things that are illegal with the hopes of never being caught. Once they are caught they try to negotiate their way out of the consequences. It took a tip from an outside source to get the police to show up on the scene.

One official stated that “As you can imagine, it’s very difficult for all of us in law enforcement and for the first responders to be in a situation to come across a scene like we did yesterday.”

First responders and law enforcement have an incredibly tough job. When they show up on the scene of an accident or crime scene they will see things that scar them for life. They take care of the things that most people would have a hard time dealing with. The Democratic Party has sought to strip away the funding and the support that the nation’s heroes deserve and need to do their job.

Border agents are also included in the scope of heroes. For years the dumb Democrats have worked hard to dissolved ICE and other entities that have kept America safe for decades. They have refused to fund and support immigration enforcement for years. To the point that millions of illegals have moved into the country. But where there is a political party that does not care about life and promotes the murder of innocent unborn children the nation gets parents that try to dissolve their kids in a tub of acid.

Dumb parents are ultimately responsible for their actions. But when a society has no regard for life at any age the people are led to believe that they can do whatever they want to people. It is not the survival of the fittest. Human life at all stages should be protected and honored. President Trump believes this and it has made an incredible difference for making America great once again.