#OscarsSoWoke: Hollywood’s Latest Changes

The Oscars has been changing every year after getting repeatedly beaten up by every group that has an opinion. The awards have a tendency to go to white Hollywood A-listers. What about all of the people of color? Why aren’t they being nominated? Why aren’t they walking home with Oscars?

For the most part, Hollywood is fine with the way things have been done. Hollywood directors and actors, including those of color, have no problem with the way the award ceremony works. Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, and Lupita Nyong’o, for example, aren’t complaining as they already have their very own Oscar statue.

It’s the rest of the country that has a problem.

The Oscars have already been dealing with a constant decline in viewership. After all, it takes hours on end to get through all of the awards – and some acceptance speeches tend to drone on for what seems like a decade. Even after an effort to not televise all awards and cut speeches short, the viewership is down.

In the last two years, there was no host. It’s easier that way, right? No host, no controversy. However, the host was usually why anyone tuned in.

With a typical trending hashtag during the ceremony of #OscarsSoWhite, they’re hoping to trend with #OscarsSoWoke this year.

They’ll probably fail in epic proportions, but at least they tried, right?

Their newest approach is to include unconscious bias training as something that will be mandatory for all Academy governors, the branch executive committee members, along with the rest of the Academy staff on an annual basis.

There will be new eligibility rules, too.

It used to be that to even get an Oscar nomination, it was an elite honor. Now, with some of the eligibility rules, it appears that it’s not going to be so elite any longer.

What started out as being the best of the best is now going to cater to anyone just to accommodate everyone. That’s not what the average person of color wants. They don’t want to get an award based on the color of their skin. They want to get an award because of what’s earned.

However, it’s not going to happen. Elite awards cannot happen anymore because we have become a society that caters to the loudest of the protesters.

The militant Black Lives Matter and the rest of the extreme leftists won’t be happy until they’ve destroyed it all – including the Oscars.

The Academy has been so focused on appeasing that they plan to roll out new inclusion standards by July 31. Additionally, they pushed their board of governors meeting back to avoid conflict with the funeral of George Floyd.

The 94th Oscars ceremony in 2021 will go back to some of the same standards that were in place with the 83rd ceremonies, including moving back to 10 nominees from five with the ‘best picture’ awards. This will allow for a greater level of diversity since this is the award with the highest honor.

Additionally, there will be a quarterly viewing process to ensure that voting members have the ability to view all eligible films, potentially broadening the exposure for the films and the actors and actresses who are starring in them.

So, the Oscars are woke – and they dare anyone to say that they aren’t.

Meanwhile, there are murmurs that Screen Actors Guild needs a similar woke experience since they’re gendering their award categories.

Oh boy, don’t let the Oscars hear that one. That will be something to keep them busy for 2022 and 2023 when they can finally say that they offer diversity just in time to have to switch away from separating out best actor and best actress because, by then, the diversity will have moved on to gender roles.

What used to be is no longer. We, apparently, cannot maintain anything of yesterday because people are making ridiculous demands. How about we just give everyone in Hollywood a participation trophy and call it done?