One Year After Ukraine War Started, Ukraine Asks for 1 Percent of Every Nation’s GDP Because…

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The beggars running Ukraine have their hands out again. It’s just not enough that Mrs. Zelensky drops $30,000 every time she goes shopping in the luxury boutiques of Paris. The corrupt-ocrats need more cash from you and they need it now. Just to illustrate how much they’re winning against Russia; Ukraine says that they will now require 1% of every Western nation’s GDP. No, really. They said that. Out loud!

“We are thankful to our allies for their military help. But: it is not enough,” said Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Melnik over the weekend. Melnik’s sports cars and mansions in Luxembourg aren’t going to pay for themselves, you know!

Melnik went on to say that every Western nation should begin setting aside a bunch of money to keep paying for this pointless war that has dragged on for more than a year now. “We call upon our partners to cross all artificial ‘red lines’ and devote 1% of GDP for weapons deliveries,” said Melnik.

We thought that this guy must be kidding at first, but he really means it. Call us crazy, but we seem to remember that the Biden administration kept crossing those artificial red lines until Russia was forced to act. They bit off more than they could chew in doing so. When NATO allies realized it was fruitless to continue supporting Ukraine in a war it cannot possibly win, Joe Biden blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline in the greatest act of environmental terrorism in history. That forced NATO to stay in the war since they were at the Biden regime’s mercy without the gas from that pipeline.

NATO countries are bound by a treaty to pony up 2% of their annual GDP for Europe’s defense. Despite that requirement, the United States is the only country that has consistently done so. The rest of them are freeloaders, as Donald Trump famously noted when he was hard at work keeping a war from not happening in Ukraine.

In 2022, only seven of NATO’s 30 countries met the 2% target. Why should we expect them to do any better in meeting Ukraine’s new target of 1% just for them?

The American taxpayers have already ponied up far more than all other nations combined. Congress and Joe Biden have sent more than $200 billion in cash and arms now. $120 billion of that was in overt aid, and the estimate is that Biden has spent another $80 billion there covertly. None of the American taxpayers who are footing the bill were ever allowed to vote on this. Congress and Biden just did it, after Biden started the war in the first place.

The Biden regime has already shut down two separate peace settlement offers from the Russians. When Elon Musk announced a peace proposal, the ungrateful and corrupt Andrey Melnick told him to “F*** off.”

Keep in mind that as Ukraine has continued to hoover up American taxpayer money, there has still never been an audit of any of the funds we’ve already sent. Billions of dollars have likely vanished in the process, much of it ending up in the pockets of President Zelensky and his underlings like Melnik. Mrs. Zelensky certainly hasn’t slowed down her personal spending habits in foreign countries as the war drags on. The Pentagon has come to the conclusion that we can’t really keep resupplying Ukraine anymore, without jeopardizing our own national security. We just can’t get the guns, bullets, and cash there fast enough without draining our own supplies to critically low levels.

The Ukrainians probably realize this, which is why they’re starting to hit the panic button and call for ever-increasing amounts of cash from NATO.