OMG! We Just Found Out Hillary’s Plans for 2020 Election

It’s no small secret that former first lady and Obama’s secretary of state Hillary Clinton wants the White House and badly. Her not one but two presidential races are evidence enough of that. But her previous defeats and the lack of time left until the November 2020 election make it doubtful that she could win.

However, that doesn’t mean she couldn’t try to get there another way. Maybe be second in command even.

In October 2019, it was thought that she might try to enter the race for the presidency. When asked about the possibility on PBS NewsHour last year, she joked that “obviously, I can beat (Trump) again.” However, Hillary never actually said that she would.

With the possibility out there, Politico decided to take an unofficial poll of her chances.  And according to quite a few Democratic senators, it’s probably not a good idea.

Take Jon Tester, for example. He said a presidential run wouldn’t be “good” for her. Minority whip Dick Durbin had similar ideas, saying, “I believe it’s time for another nominee.” And New Mexico’s Marin Heinrich flat out said, “It would be a mistake.”

Nearly every person they asked said something similar.

Of course, they were all respectful when suggesting that she shouldn’t run. After all, she does still have quite a bit of sway in some influential Democratic circles. But they made it clear; the presidency was pretty much out of the question.

Two failed runs do apparently count for something.

However, that doesn’t mean she couldn’t lead in a somewhat lesser role, say the vice president position, for example.

And according to at least one insider source, it’s incredibly possible.

Political and communications consultant Douglas MacKinnon, who has written for the White House under both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, wrote in a column for The Hill recently that negotiations for her to be added to the Democratic ticket are being discussed.

As I mentioned before, she still has a lot of clout in the political arena, and while they might not trust her with the presidency, they believe she could unite the party more to ensure a Democrat win.

It is said that if a nominee is chosen within the first round of voting, Hillary may be joining one of three presidential candidates’ campaign: former vice president Joe Biden, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, or whoever else is left still standing.

Just maybe not Bernie Sanders. After all, recent interviews and sneak peeks of a new documentary on the woman titled “Hillary” prove that the socialistic Vermont senator is certainly not at the top of her favorites list.

In the documentary, she is recorded talking about Sanders, saying, “He was in Congress for years. He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him; nobody wants to work with him; he got nothing done. He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney, and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.”

And when asked more recently if her opinion of him was still the same, she didn’t hesitate to say yes. But she also divulged that her real reason for not liking him is that she believes he is to blame for her losing the White House in 2016. He started out running against her, but after realizing his defeat, he dropped out and endorsed her.

But it was already too late for Hillary. She says that if he had just endorsed her earlier, she might have had a fighting chance against Trump.

Of course, after she received some grief for these anti-Bernie statements, she said she would endorse whoever won the nomination. And now we know why. She can’t afford to miss out on what is likely her last chance to get to the White House, even if it’s for VP.

MacKinnon wrote, “I am assured that Clinton is on every shortlist for that position,” and that she “might enter the arena.” He added, “Given her ego, would Hillary Clinton settle for being vice president when she twice was within striking distance of being president? The answer is an emphatic yes.”

And it’s not as though many Democrat candidates, save possible Bernie, would turn her down. As MacKinnon says, “She would add the gravitas, delegates and, eventually, millions of votes needed to get them over the finish line on Nov. 5.” Not to mention, that Sleepy Joe needs a VP that could “immediately” take over as president “because I’m an old guy.”