Omar Wants to Surrender Our Borders to UN

Clearly, the situation at our borders, primarily the southern one, needs some attention and some help. Lawmakers nationwide have put forth proposals and plans to combat the problem. Some are helpful, while others not so much.

But what Representative Ilhan Omar just suggested is simply outrageous, wholly illogical and un-American. So what did she call for that is so heinous?

She said that we need to surrender our borders to the United Nations for help.

During a recent immigration conference in Minneapolis, she said, “We should do what any other country does by dealing with this situation (the influx of illegal immigrants at our borders) in a serious way.

So, we have to bring in the United Nations high commissioner on refugees, an agency that has the expertise and the training to handle massive flows of refugees humanely.”

What this means precisely is that America, a nation built on independence for all, would give up on its borders and allow a completely separate group to come in and take over.

But would they actually make the changes we need? That is the real question. I mean, would a group of unelected bureaucrats not from America, un-accustom to its laws, patriotism, and independent freedoms, actually be able to take care of our nation and its ideals?

To answer this, we first need to look at other countries who have allowed the UN to help out.

The first case: Sweden. Since the time that the UN took over sovereignty in Sweden, four districts (like counties) have spent over $7.2 million to hire private and internal security contractors from firms like Blackwater. Why? Because the resettlement of refugees done by the UN has let countless criminals in.

Crime rates have skyrocketed. Sexual assault, gang rape, violence, murder, and chaos have taken over the area, brought in rival African tribesmen and Muslim refugees.

The police are simply too scared and outnumbered to do their jobs. Just the other day, two innocent bystanders were shot during a shoot out between rival African gangs in the street.

And this is just one nation.

Let’s look at France, another country who decided to the UN take control of their borders.

Essonne Department (or county) used to be one of the most visited places outside of Paris. It’s rich European history, beautiful landscapes, and architecture, and many Medieval castles used to bring in tourists by the thousands.

However, in the days since the UN allowed refugee settlements to set up in the area, the area has literally become a “no-go zone.” Hashish and its dealers are very prevalent, and cops can do little about it, due to the substantial firepower these Muslim refugees carry.

We aren’t just talking about handguns or even “assault weapons” like AR-15s. No, these guys have sustained mortar fire to get rid of any police presence.

Think about that, sustained mortar fire. The kind that blows cars, buildings, and whatever stands in its way to pieces. The kind that causes severe burns and shrapnel injuries.

And what do the police have to combat that? They are issued LBDs. If you don’t know what these are, think airsoft guns. Really. They are double-barreled pea shooters that fire off “softer than rubber bullets,” according to one police officer.

This officer was recently involved in the high-speed chase of a suspected hashish dealer. But when the suspect entered into the Essonne “no-go Zone,” the police began taking fire from these heavy mortar shells in every direction.

The cops tried to fight back, but when they returned fire with their service-issued LBD, the Muslim refugees only laughed and continued to rain down more mortar strikes. They eventually had to retreat, carrying at least one severely wounded officer with them.

Is this what Omar wants for us, for the nation that has taken her in and given her everything?

If her past claims of Muslim oppression, whites being dangerous, and 9/11 being when “some people did something” are any inclination, you can bet your life savings that is precisely what she wants.

After all, we are dangerous “white” nation which oppresses all others and takes joy in ripping families apart.

She would gladly let the UN take over, letting in every man, woman, and child, regardless of their past crimes or affiliations.

Thankfully, she may not be in Congress much longer. We have had enough of her un-American ways and, if the stories are true, her constituents have as well.