Omar Calling for Getting Rid of Border Patrol

The southern border is a mix of made up stories and self-proclaimed heroes that have visited the border in an attempt to draw up public attention to fake issues.

There are so many different ideas floating around on how to solve the problem that most people do not know where to start. The only person that has the solution to the problems is President Trump.

He has proposed several ideas that would have worked had the dumb Democrats stepped up and provided the funding needed to defend the borders.

The demented Democrats think they have all the answers to every problem facing the country. They believe their own propaganda that they are not willing to listen to any other person in politics.

The House recently proposed a bill that would usher in their own solution except it never made it to the Senate because the House failed to address issues from the other side of politics.

Idiotic Ilhan Omar has opened her big mouth again only to insert her foot when she stated that it was time for the Customs and Border Protection agency to be done away with.

She would have the borders opened wide so any person can just walk right into America and take whatever their heart desires. In her own way, she would see that Islamic terrorist groups take over and destroy America.

The reason that Omar wants to take down the agency is that she believes it has become racist. This is a hypocritical belief because Omar herself has made racial remarks against other people and refused to apologize.

She would like to see the nation of Israel destroyed from the face of the planet. Most of her racial remarks are against Jewish people. Israel is a great and powerful ally of the United States. America is blessed to have such an ally in the Middle East.

Possessed Omar believes that all border agents are guilty of racial behavior. She would like to see each agent punished for doing their job. Her comments and prejudices against honest people lead one to believe that she would like to see the end of ICE as well.

Omar’s big mouth has stated, “We know that they have spoken in the vilest ways about immigrants. We know that they have certain views of what brown and black people deserve. So we should be having a conversation about eliminating their existence [and] reforming the agencies that deal with the most vulnerable, who are children and women.”

She wants to see the heroes of the southern border fired and eliminated by the years’ end. She believes that the dumb Democrats should hunt down and destroy all the rogue agencies that are in operation around the country.

Omar also believes that every migrant that comes to the border is actually fleeing for their lives. She is so ignorant of the truth that she fails to see the true danger that is present at the border.

Omar and others like her are dead set against people that are protecting this country. She and the AOC and the Democrats have failed to take down the president and many people that work for his administration that they resorted to attacking the true heroes of this country.

Omar and the rest of the ignorant members of her party would sing a different song if the migrants showed up at their own home and robbed them blind. Then they would be for protecting the borders.

President Trump and the Republican Party are the only ones that truly know what is happening at the southern border. The Fake AOC would have everyone believe that there is nothing happening but that is far from the truth.

President Trump is ready to remove all the illegal migrants that have refused to leave even after being ordered by the courts. ICE is the only organization that stands in the way of people like Omar from destroying this nation.

It is time that Omar and the rest of her party to be deported from the country that they claim to hate.