Oh Boy! Vegetarians Now Protesting Vaccines

Vaccines have been around for well over a century.  The medical field and doctors use extensive research to find multiple vaccines to combat fatal illnesses that have plagued the world throughout many millenniums.  In the older generations, which we still are fortunate to have with us, they had to endure smallpox, polio, yellow fever, and many others, which were reduced to almost nothing over the years thanks to the vaccines provided.

Without these vaccines, we would have lost so many more people to these diseases.  With everything we have in this world that is good, there is always some group that has to step up and complain.  Vegans are the snowflakes complaining about the vaccines we use today.

Everyone has their right to believe what they want to believe, but sometimes people take their beliefs too far.  Vegans do not eat meat because they do not want animals harmed or killed.  Some may not like the taste and prefer fruits and vegetables.

Others just think meat is gross.  Whatever the reason, that is their preference.  Like the Democrats who impose their beliefs on others, they are pushing to stop all vaccinations because it contains the blood of calves or parts of egg protein.

Inside the influenza vaccine, there is only a small amount of egg protein, it would hardly be worth mentioning.  Bring it up to a group of vegans who are part of the anti-vaxx campaign, and they will want to tear a person apart.  But as long as they do not hurt the animals, right?

When babies are born, they are given multiple vaccines to prevent them from getting the diseases that almost wiped out a generation of people.  Some go overboard with the vaccines, but they are necessary.  The flu shot is one of the most controversial among people.  Either way, vegans are appealing for children to stop getting vaccinated because the serum contains animal products.

Vegans are criticizing those who eat meat, and they are even criticizing fellow vegans.  Activists are strange people, no doubt, but it is not the fact they are protesting.  It is the fact they are pushing others to believe how they believe.

Some people miss the point of protesting, and it is very agitating and annoying to people who either don’t care or will not change their ways to suit these snowflakes.  On a Reddit thread, one vegan wrote about the flu shot, “The vaccine only works on a few select strains.  These are not necessarily the ones that could infect you. Have a think about whether you really need a flu vaccine in the first place.”

Another user wrote on Facebook, “Vaccines aren’t vegan, never have been.”  Australian vegans posted a claim the vaccines have unborn calves blood as an ingredient.  The post was with a picture attached showing a needle through the heart of a calf drawing the blood for the vaccine.

The caption continued, “When pregnant cows are slaughtered, they put a needle in the heart of the unborn calf to drain his blood for vaccines.”  The comments came from outraged people who stated they need to get their facts straight before posting pictures and captions of this.

People from within their own group could not get over how far these activists go.  Many of the group’s members left the page but not before giving the group a piece of their minds.  Those in favor of vaccines said they “should first talk to people who have lost their loved ones to multiple diseases that could have been averted with vaccines.”

Another member said, “Anti-vaxxers need to speak to people who lost loved ones to polio before the vaccine, or people who were left with permanent disabilities.”  While another member of the group stated, “How come every anti-vaxxer claims to have tons of peer-reviewed studies but never actually links any?”

There are many opinions about vaccines, and many new vaccines have not been tested. Still, the one argument arose when a man posted this, “We have the most vaccinated children in the world, and the sickest children in the world vaccine are poison period big pharma $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from the cradle to the grave!”

The controversy lies in what is in the vaccines.  The vegans turned the argument into an animal issue.  Science is expanding, and if it takes an animal to save a human’s life, then so be it.  Did the vegans ever stop to think a plant is a living being?