Obama Shares What Keeps Him Up at Night

Drop of Light / shutterstock.com
Drop of Light / shutterstock.com

With Barack Obama essentially being a has-been, having already served the maximum number of terms in the highest office in the land, it’s pretty well known that he doesn’t get nearly the amount of attention he used to. And apparently, that’s weighing on him. In fact, he basically admitted as much during a recent interview.

Now, to be sure, he didn’t use those exact words. But I’m positive there isn’t another real way to look at what he said and summarize it.

CBS News asked him about what most worries him, what keeps him up at night these days. And he answered that the media isn’t united anymore, giving the nation a “divided conversation.”

He explained that when he “was coming up,” there were only three TV stations. And all of them were on the same page. They told the same kinds of news stories and reported on the same truths – presumably whatever the federal government fed them.

However, today is a much different story.

Today, networks like Fox, Newsmax, One America News, etc. don’t give you the same story as others.

And apparently, that’s a big problem for Obama. In other words, Obama doesn’t like that it’s not always his line of thinking that is portrayed in the news anymore.

According to him, we need to have a “common set of facts.” To be sure, that would make the nation less divided.

However, even cohesion means nothing if it’s done based on lies and untruths. At least now, with a “divided media,” as Obama calls it, we aren’t just getting fed whatever narrative the feds, such as himself and his party, want us to believe.

As I said, the man is clearly starved for attention and feels left out.