NYPD Installs New Cameras and Liberals Freak Out

As a result of the string of violent anti-Semitic attacks throughout New York, the city is calling for quick and immediate change. And surprisingly, that call is being answered. Both Governor and Mayor Bill de Blasio have agreed to take action.

Furthermore, that action could actually work and save an untold amount of tax dollars, unlike some of the city’s most recent law changes. The plan is to install new security cameras in and around Brooklyn. Brooklyn is home to the city’s most traditional Jewish neighborhoods and where most of the violent attacks have taken place, according to CBS News New York.

“The city is planning to add dozens of security cameras in Brooklyn in response to the recent anti-Semitic hate crimes. Mayor Bill de Blasio says the NYPD will install 100 new cameras in Williamsburg, Crown Heights, and Borough Park. The first 30 cameras will be up and working by March.”

The use of security cameras is a proven method of identification and one that police departments around the world and the nation employ on an almost daily basis. In fact, last year, several anti-Semitic attacks in New York were captured on camera, and the footage became the primary reason that authorities were able to identify and apprehend those responsible for it.

Now, you might ask, ‘If there are already cameras set up at numerous shops, business, and residences in New York City, why would the city spend money to put up more?’

One reason is that while there are few out there, few of them provide the coverage that police need or can use in their cases. Furthermore, you’ve heard the saying, ‘there’s so such thing as too much of a good thing?’ More cameras mean more eyes and more opportunities.

Another point of note is that not every business or resident is all too keen on giving the police access to their camera footage for whatever reason. And when people with cameras are not willing to be all that cooperative, the department then has to spend precious time waiting on a warrant. By that time, the opportunity for an arrest may have already passed.

With these new police owned cameras, there will be no time wasted wondering, asking, or waiting for permission for access. Furthermore, the department then can move the cameras to more ideal locations or basically use them in the best possible way.

Naturally, not everyone is thrilled about new cameras going up around the city. After all, this is New York, a city renowned for its hatred of police and where anti-police marches happen on a near-weekly occasion, mostly in Brooklyn.

Already numerous people have protested the move and called local radio and news outlets stating that the new cameras are an invasion of their privacy and a sign of a “police state.” For some, it ranks right up there with facial recognition software, which they say targets minorities.

But what could honestly be so bad about the cops being made much more able to actually catch the bad guys? It would almost seem like the people of New York or at least some people don’t want these attacks to be stopped. I would think that more cameras and ones being only used by the police department would give an added sense of security and trust.

Think of all the people who are now less likely to commit a crime, anti-Semitic or not, because they know they could be seen and caught. I’d certainly give me second thoughts.

But even if it didn’t, this is a good answer for finding criminals and getting them off the streets, away from our homes, our communities, and far from our babies. That alone should be considered worth it

Of course, I’m not most people.

And, who knows, with this new “bail reform” law in New York, the new cameras might not add up too much help in the long run. Those perpetrators just might be given free run of the streets, and the ability to strike again.

But we can hope not.