NYC Crime Continues, But Guns Aren’t Part of the Equation


We expected Mayor Adams of New York City to figure out how to reduce crime. When he took over for de Blasio, we expected the crime rates to drop. After all, he promised that it would be a top focus.

The problem is that Adams is making a typical Democratic mistake. He assumed that simply going after gun control laws would be enough.

Every Republican could have told him that it wouldn’t be enough – and plenty did provide that warning. Criminals don’t follow the law. It’s why they’re committing a crime, to begin with. Whether they use a gun or not isn’t the real issue – it’s that they’re not receiving any kind of deterrent for committing the crime.

Most criminals are back out on the streets in weeks – if they actually get charged with the crime at all. Democrats love to yell “racism!” any time someone of color is arrested for a crime. Apparently, Black people are supposed to be able to commit crimes if they are feeling as though there’s some inequity stacking up against them.

And this attitude is why crime continues to be a problem in NYC.

The reality is that criminals will use whatever weapon they can get their hands on. If they can’t get a gun, they’ll use a knife.

And that brings us to one of the latest crimes committed in The Big Apple.

A man was stabbed inside a Dave & Buster’s in Times Square.

Dave & Buster’s is supposed to be a happy place where adults can drink fun cocktails and kids can run around playing arcade games. Yet, in New York City, it can be a dangerous place – and it has nothing to do with guns.

Two men began to argue around 10:30 pm one night. A 42-year-old male stabbed a 39-year-old male in the chest – and he died later that night.

A fatal stabbing at a Dave & Buster’s should never happen.

No person should ever be killed by another person, regardless of the weapon. Yet, this seems to be happening more and more in Times Square.

And here’s the part that the Democrats don’t want to hear: more gun laws wouldn’t have prevented this murder from happening.

According to the police, after they looked at video surveillance, the men were at the prize redemption center and began arguing. Video footage shows that the older man stabbed the victim in the chest and took off. According to various sources, the suspect had tattoos on his face. While he fled the scene, he was arrested after a restaurant staff member provided a full description.

The man who was stabbed to death did not have a weapon.

This means that the man who did the stabbing was the only one carrying a weapon. No one needed to die – but criminals in New York City don’t seem to be scared of the law. They know that there is a liberal district attorney just waiting to get a criminal off the hook.

Unfortunately, this isn’t even the only story of violence in New York City. Just a few days ago, four suspects are still being sought after for a crime committed outside of a bar in Queens. A man in his 40s was kicked, whipped, and stabbed by the four suspects. The NYPD Crime Stoppers Twitter handle issued surveillance photos and is looking for information to identify the individuals responsible for committing this heinous crime.

Meanwhile, Mayor Adams continues to be clueless on how to address the crime. It’s really a shame that the people of New York City decided not to elect a Republican. Crime would surely have been down by now had they chosen a more conservative route.