Nikki Haley Burns $10 Million in an Effort To Be Top VP Choice

Juli Hansen /
Juli Hansen /

While we are still months away from the first GOP 2024 Presidential election primaries, Nikki Haley is not hesitating in spending her cash. Looking at Gov Ron DeSantis (R-FL) as her chief opponent for the Republican ticket, her campaign is dropping $10 million in ads to run in Iowa and New Hampshire. The Associated Press has declared this is a “massive investment designed to give the former United Nations ambassador an advantage over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at a critical moment in the GOP nomination fight.”

They also proclaimed this money to be “five times larger than DeSantis’ current advertising reserves for the same time period.” With Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) dropping out of the race on November 12th, there is a mad dash to get his supporters on their side. While appearing on Fox News, Scott declared that the people should be deciding on where to put their support on their own and not by his voice.

As Haley and DeSantis are battling it out with one another, each of them has an average of 16% of eligible voters backing them. Yet former President Donald Trump is averaging 40% support of that same voter block. This means that, at this point, they are essentially competing for who Trump **might** choose as a running mate or in his cabinet.

DeSantis’ people have meanwhile contested that since Haley cannot beat Trump, any money she spends is essentially just money going to support Trump. They contest that her agenda is nothing more than the left’s viewpoints in a Republican package when compared to what DeSantis has done. Opting to fight back against her by calling her on her record when DeSantis’ record is filled with him turning on his fellow Floridians is not a bright move.