New York Times Calls for Dumping Biden

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Democrats, both party officials and their allies in the mainstream media, are paraphrasing that song from “The Sound of Music,” musing, “What do we do with a problem like Joe Biden?” The New York Times recently came up with an idea, specifically triggered by the Tara Reade affair.

“This is collateral damage that Democrats — who have spent the last few years championing the #MeToo movement — should be loath to incur. Democrats who subject Ms. Reade’s allegations to a level of scrutiny not widely applied to accusers in similar circumstances — such as Christine Blasey-Ford, who famously came forward during the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court to allege that he had sexually accosted her in high school — also open up past and future cases to reproachful disregard.”

Roughly translated, that means that if Democrats dismiss Reade with a view of nominating Biden anyway, they run the risk of having anyone else who comes forward with a story of sexual assault not being taken seriously, even when the accused is a Republican. The #Metoo movement has been too useful for taking down overly imperious men to be lightly tossed overboard simply to help Creepy, Sleepy Uncle Joe.

Therefore, the Times concludes, it is time to dump Biden over the side instead. To be sure he got the most delegates and would, in ordinary times, be nominated by acclamation at the Democratic National Convention.

But Biden has cultivated an image of a stalwart champion of the working man and the working woman. That doesn’t jibe well with the story of a creep who backs a woman up against the wall and digitally rapes her.

What about Trump? Democrats will ask. He has no shortage of women accusing him of doing unseemly things. The difference is, as more than one pundit has pointed out, Trump has lived on Page Six of the New York Post for most of his adult life. Being a bad boy is part of his brand.

In any case, having decided to jettison Biden and his baggage, the question arises, how to do it? As it turns out, the matter is not as simple as having a deputation visit him and his wife Dr. Jill Biden, and tell him he needs to withdraw for the good of the party, according to Hot Air.

“But as we’ve discussed here in the past, that’s easier said than done. If Biden shows up at whatever passes for a convention this summer with a majority of the pledged delegates, that’s pretty much the end of the game. True, the DNC has a codicil in their rules allowing the committee to replace a nominee if they are “unable” to discharge their duties. But that’s one heck of a drastic step to take. Could Biden be quietly convinced to step aside on his own? He’s been trying to ascend to the Oval Office for decades. Somehow I doubt it. And if not, the Democrats will find themselves stuck firmly between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.”

To be sure, Old Joe can just deny he ever did such a thing, as he has done in the past. He can also point to a bevy of popular and powerful female Democrats who have rallied to his side and proclaimed, “I believe Joe.” That most of them want to be Biden’s vice-presidential running mate surely does not enter into it.

The other question that arises, if not Joe then who? At that point, Bernie Sanders will raise his hand and point out that he has the second-place number of delegates plus an army of Bernie Bros who are pledged to live and die at his command.

The problem is that the movers and shakers of the Democratic Party did not ease that old Bolshevik out twice, once in 2016 and again in 2020, only to have him jump into the nominee position anyway.

The Democrats are used to running sexual predators, as Bill Clinton can attest. Someone who wants to turn the United States of America into the Union of American Soviet Republics is something else again.

Hot Air would appear to be right. Barring something unexpected, the Democrats are stuck with Old Joe.