Netanyahu Snubs His Nose at Biden …They’ve Hatred Each Other for Years…the Bombing Will Not Stop Long

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu developed a firm and prosperous relationship that proved beneficial to both the U.S. and Israel. Then along came Smokin’ Joe Biden to spoil the fruits of our former presidents’ labor. That enjoyed relationship is rolling downhill quickly and it’s headed straight to the bottom of the rock pile.

Biden has been wearing Netanyahu’s nerves thin by harping on him about firing missiles at Gaza and he refuses to hear the Israeli leaders’ reasoning. Bickering among the two of them is nothing new. They’ve been overly fond of one another.

In a phone call, Netanyahu probably mistakingly answered, Biden in no uncertain terms told him he needed to see a “significant de-escalation” by the end of that very day. The prime minister thumbed his nose at Biden by telling him that Israel has no plans of slowing down or stopping anything “until its objective is achieved.” The man is fully aware of the immense amount of support his nation receives from the bulk of U.S. citizens. It’s Joe he doesn’t like.

In a tongue-in-cheek comment Netanyahu told Biden he “greatly appreciates the support of the American president,” but that he was going to continue doing what he feels is in Israel’s best interest. With that, a disappointed Biden hung up the phone.

Biden has avoided all foreign policy issues outside of his limitations to properly handle. While his predecessors have all made achieving peace in the Mid-East a major goal. Biden not so much. Since no other president ever had any luck why should he waste his time even trying? While his assumption may be correct, try, try, again, is the unofficial motto of America. We aren’t quitters.

Through the years Biden has played trivial games with Netanyahu. As vice president, he purposely arrived very late for a scheduled dinner meeting between the two. This was done in retaliation for Netanyahu approving the building of a couple of thousand new apartments in the highly disputed area of east Jerusalem.

The move embarrassed President Barak Obama who had publically warned Netanyahu not to start construction only to later discover he was powerless to stop him. No one would rally around his cause. The approval just so happened to coincide with Biden’s visit to Israel in 2010. Coincidence?

While Biden should have apologized to Netanyahu about being extremely late for the dinner meeting, he didn’t. Netanyahu proved the better man by attempting to soothe the bruised feelings throughout the dinner, but Biden didn’t hear a thing.

When the meeting ended Biden tossed out a statement of condemnation by saying it was Israel who was preventing peace with Palestine. They’re bullies fighting for what doesn’t rightfully belong to them. They’re murdering innocent people. Biden let him have it with both barrels, and this brings us back to the present.

Amid mounting international pressure to do so, Biden only made the call to say he did. Until then there was no sense of urgency. But the pressure has been for him to take a forceful approach, which he’s refused to do.

Biden administration officials have described their approach as a “quiet and intensive” form of diplomacy for which there is no definition. Dealers choice. But when that diplomacy involves shooting down a U.N. Security Council statement aimed at addressing a permanent cease-fire arrangement, it needs to be given a hard look.

As was expected Hamas indicated that they have no immediate plans for slowing down their barrage of rockets aimed at Israel until Israel returns the favor. But they have to stop first the same way as Israel says Hamas has to stop first. The wheels on the bus…

This much is certain, the tiff between Biden and Netanyahu is exactly that. A tiff. And though it’s more personal than anything, it’s Joe Biden who’s acting like an immature grade-schooler for not accepting Netanyahu’s offer to forgive, forget, and move on. It’s a new day.

But it’ll never be a new day for our crotchety old dementia-ridden puppet of a president who, truth be known, lost the election. Not as long as Biden can’t escape the past he appears to be stuck in.