Navy Drops Charges Against Gallagher’s Platoon Commander

Lt. Jacob Portier, the former platoon commander of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, has had all charges brought against him formally dropped by the Navy.

“Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson today dismissed all charges in the case of Lt. Jacob Portier,” the statement said.

This comes after a rather ridiculous and long drawn out trial for both Gallagher and Portier when Gallagher was accused of stabbing and killing a wounded ISIS fighter, as well as the shooting of and at innocent civilians in 2017 while on deployment.

Portier was accused of covering up these crimes, or at least not reporting them to his superiors, as well as holding a re-enlistment ceremony for Gallagher that included the corpse of the ISIS fighter.

These alleged crimes were brought into question by a small group of Gallagher’s subordinate SEALs during deployment. Gallagher was brought in on charges and held in solitary confinement for months before his trial was allowed to proceed.

President Donald Trump did not hesitate to order the release of the 20-year war veteran so that he could fight the case made against him fairly, after hearing about the situation.

However, during the trial, a witness brought by the prosecution surprisingly admitted that he and not Gallagher had killed the ISIS fighter, which contradicted several other SEALs testimonies.

In a foolish move, the prosecution held to their case, claiming that their own witness, Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Corey Scott, had lied under oath. According to the defense, the prosecution had been so obsessed with nailing Gallagher that they forgot to ask Scott how the fighter had actually died.

However, the prosecution had other problems as well. Before the trial had even begun, the lead prosecutor was dismissed just weeks before because he and other prosecution members had been caught sending spy software to Gallagher and Portier’s defense attorneys and a journalist covering the trial without a warrant.

The case promptly fell apart, revealing a ring of SEALs who were attempting to frame Gallagher simply because they didn’t like his leadership methods over them.

Gallagher was convicted by the seven-man jury of only one crime, posing with a dead body, which he admitted to. However, the offense is punishable by reducing his pay from E-7 to E-1, which would drastically reduce his upcoming retirement pay.

Since he has served for 20 years and has proved himself to be an outstanding officer and soldier, his lawyer is fighting to have Gallagher able to retire immediately on his current pay as Chief Petty Officer.

He told the Navy Times, “Since his acquittal, Eddie Gallagher has been continuously subjected to unlawful retaliation by the command and the JAG Corps.

Because the local Navy leadership seems entirely deaf to the guidance provided by both the pentagon and the White House to end this nightmare, someone at a higher level needs to step in and order that Eddie Gallagher be permitted to immediately retire as a Chief Petty Officer.”

However, regardless of the case’s outcome, the Navy awarded the prosecutors and their staff with Navy Achievement Medals, which is preposterous since they 1.) lost the case, and 2.) had not acted with unethical practices.

President Trump agrees and ordered that those awards be rescinded immediately.

In addition, Admiral Richardson announced that no action would be taken against Petty Officer Scott, who had testified under immunity, and the prosecution was seeking to charge with perjury.

They also announced that they would be conducting a review of the Navy’s Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps, as the prosecution was under their command and suggests that the leadership and practices going on within the agency are less than ethical or proper.

The statement said, “Additionally, as part of an ongoing assessment of Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps performance, Richardson directed Vice Chief of Naval Operations Adm.

Bob Burke to conduct a Comprehensive Review into the leadership and performance of the JAG Corps. This review is intended to ensure the JAG Corps provides exemplary support to the Navy and the nation.”

Gallagher’s lawyer is also asking that the Navy look into the junior SEALs who testified against Gallagher, just as he should.

He said, “These witnesses went in and lied and the Navy is making zero effort to investigate them for perjury and hold them accountable.”