Nasty: Joe Biden Still Denying Secret Service Protection to RFK Jr.

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The Bold Bureau /

Joe Biden really is a nasty old geezer. He’s been sitting in an office that he did not earn for three years now, and he clearly intends to stay in office until the day he dies, no matter the cost to our nation. If he was really as great as he wants everyone to think he is, why not just have free and fair elections? Instead, Biden is trying to lock his main general election opponent up in prison for 700 years, while trying to get his main primary election opponent killed by denying him Secret Service protection. We’re less than 11 months out from next year’s election and Biden is still denying a protective detail to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

It appears that Kennedy is still running at this point, despite the dearth of coverage from the fake news media. The memo obviously went out that the regime press is not supposed to ever mention Marianne Williamson or RFK, Jr., lest someone accidentally cast a write-in ballot for one of them.

Kennedy had to rebrand his campaign back in October when it became clear that the Democrat National Committee was never going to let Democrat voters have a fair primary election. The DNC was rigging the primaries for Biden this year, just as they rigged them for Biden in 2020 and for Hillary in 2016 to stop Bernie Sanders’ momentum.

In Florida, the Democrats announced that they wouldn’t even have a primary election and awarded all the states’ delegates to Joe Biden for next year. Nothing screams “democracy” like not letting the people vote on the candidate of their choice!

Kennedy announced on October 9th that he was switching his party affiliation to Independent and just a few days later, his entire campaign field team quit. Campaign Manager Dennis Kucinich walked off the job. He probably won’t even be able to make the ballot in some states at this point, since he had to rehire an entirely new staff.

None of that changes the fact that RFK, Jr. is a major candidate running for president next year. He could end up pulling 10 percent of the vote in some states (with a little luck). It was one thing for the Biden regime to deny Secret Service protection to Kennedy back in September when it seemed like maybe his campaign was just a lark. But now we’re less than 11 months out from the general election.

This has never happened before in the history of modern presidential politics. Major candidates have always received Secret Service protection when we’re a year out from an election.

Yet Joe Biden has denied Kennedy protection for several months in a row now. Before he even applied for Secret Service protection the first time, a nut showed up at one of Kennedy’s campaign rallies carrying loaded firearms and disguised as a US Marshal. Other nutjobs have broken into Kennedy’s house—twice.

One of the individuals had sent hundreds of threatening emails to the campaign, including one where he said he wanted to put a “bullet in [Mr. Kennedy’s] brain.” He wrote that and then the guy showed up in Kennedy’s living room.

Fortunately for Kennedy, the private security team that he was paying for out of pocket was able to intercept these threats. But his private security doesn’t have the resources to protect him the way that the Secret Service would. Again, there’s absolutely no precedent for this in presidential politics. No major candidate has ever been denied protection like this before. It’s something to keep in mind the next time that the lying media or the Biden campaign tell you that Donald Trump is the real threat to democracy.