More Doctors are Showing Concern Over What the COVID Vaccine Could Be Doing

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We’ve heard about more people who are active and healthy dying.

Those in their 20s are having strokes. Athletes are being defibrillated in the middle of marathons and on the fields.

What is going on?

First, there was insufficient research conducted before the FDA approved the COVID vaccines for emergency use. As such, the government was mandating everyone to get a vaccine that hadn’t been thoroughly tested – and no one knew what the long-term results were.

Of course, we were told that the vaccines were safe. It’s only now that we’re learning that the FDA was paid to say that they were safe. Pfizer and the other drug manufacturers were extremely deceptive in their practices.

Myocarditis is being seen as a long-term risk of the COVID vaccine.

A study in England that was published to the American Heart Association journal Circulation explained, “The overall risk of myocarditis – inflammation of the heart muscle – is substantially higher immediately after being infected with COVID-19 than it is in the weeks following vaccination for the coronavirus.”

For some individuals, chest pain, dizziness, and shortness of breath were experienced only days after receiving the vaccine. For others, it showed up much later.

The number of cases of myocarditis has been increasing dramatically. Unfortunately, we don’t even know if we can trust all of the data that is coming from the CDC. Combine that with the fact that not all states report the same data and there’s really no telling how many people are truly suffering from this heart condition as a result of the COVID vaccine.

Second, we’re seeing more and more people experience heart conditions at random. The common denominator isn’t whether they’ve had COVID or not but whether they have been vaccinated or not.

Those who have been vaccinated often show that there is damage to their heart. It may or may not be enough to trigger a heart attack, but there is damage to the cardiac muscle and tissue.
Heart inflammation following the COVID vaccine is more common than most doctors want to talk about.

And recently, a former NFL star Uche Nwaneri died suddenly. He was outspoken against the anti-vaxxers of the world, so it’s clear that he had been vaccinated.

As for Paul Duncan, another former NFL star, he went into cardiac arrest. He, too, had been vaccinated.

Is it a coincidence that healthy athletes are suddenly developing heart conditions or is there a lot more to these COVID vaccines than the drug manufacturers want to reveal?