Mitch McConnell Promises That Impeachment Will Fail In Campaign Ad

The Democrats can barely contain their excitement at the possibility of impeachment now that the House has started with the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump. However, the House may impeach but the Senate can choose to keep him in the office.

That is exactly what Mitch McConnell plans to do, too. As the Majority Leader of the Senate, McConnell has said that impeachment will fail.

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has released a new campaign ad that talks about any impeachment effort failing with him serving in the capacity of Majority Leader. In the video, he talks about Nancy Pelosi is in the clutches of the leftist mob.

His campaign ad began running just a few short days following Pelosi’s announcement of the impeachment inquiry.

The House is currently convinced that they can impeach Trump over-pressuring the Ukrainian president to investigate former VP Biden. However, even the Ukrainian president has come forward to say that he did not feel pressured to launch an investigation.

McConnell reminds people in the ad to be familiar with the Constitution in terms of how a president is impeached. The only way to do so is for both the House and the Senate to be on board. This means that the impeachment process stops with the Senate Majority Leader.

Although McConnell has already identified that the Senate has no choice but to hold a trial regarding removing President Trump from office, it’s not hard to see how the vote is going to go.

That’s even if the House actually votes to impeach – and there are many Democratic representatives who were not in favor of impeachment because it would hurt their reelection possibilities.

Pelosi hasn’t been around for a comment regarding the ad campaign that’s running. It’s not a surprise, either, since she has had to do a full circle in terms of what she was telling people just a few months ago.

The House Speaker has never been a fan of impeachment because she didn’t want to play into Trump’s hands and help him with his reelection campaign. She also knows that with the Senate being led by Republicans, it would be a futile process.

However, Pelosi failed. She failed to hold her House together. She failed to stand up against the bullies in the House who pushed and pushed for impeachment until she finally caved. This included individuals such as The Squad who are led by such left-leaning Dems that they could ruin the country if ever given the power to truly lead.

This also includes Adam Schiff who continuously lies and rigs various reports in order to show Trump as a monster. Schiff is also the one responsible for bringing the whistleblower forward despite knowing that they had a political bias.

While the far left-leaning Democrats dance with the idea of impeachment finally becoming a possibility, McConnell’s message reminds people what is really going to happen: Trump will continue his presidential term. Impeachment is only one-half of the battle. There have been other instances where a President stayed in office after being impeached, too – including Bill Clinton.

The Democrats are so arrogant that they think that they have this in the bag, even when they’re continuously losing all possible evidence to go on. The tape clearly shows that there are no signs of quid pro quo. The whistleblower has political bias.

Biden may actually be guilty of persuading the then-president of Ukraine for firing the prosecutor that was investigating his son. However, the Dems don’t want to go after Biden. They feel as though Biden should be protected because he’s the only one who can give Trump a run for his money during the 2020 presidential election.

McConnell is right – impeachment stops with him. Let the Dems have their fun and impeach Trump. He’ll still be their president when it’s all said and done because he didn’t do anything that warrants leaving his elected position. He will continue to be the President of the United States for the rest of his first term. Then, he’ll be the President for the next four years, too, since the Dems played right into his hand.

Their impeachment efforts are only showing the country what so many people already suspected – the Dems are so blind with hatred for Trump that they’ll do anything and everything that they can to get him out of office, even if it means tearing the country apart.

A lot of eyes are opening with the campaign ad, so left-leaning Dems should plan for the inevitable.