Mike Bloomberg Intends to Spend Billions to Defeat Trump

Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire publisher and former mayor of New York, comes into the presidential race with a boatload of disadvantages. He is a northeastern, elderly white liberal with a tendency toward authoritarianism. He has campaigned to take things away from people, from large-capacity firearms to large capacity sugary soft drinks.

Bloomberg has one advantage, though. He has money. Lots and lots of money. He is not shy about spending a big chunk of that money. Fox Business explains.

“That’s the word coming from Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign, which is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on his long-shot effort, and officials say that’s just the beginning. Wall Street executives who have spoken with Bloomberg campaign officials say they’ve been told that the former New York City mayor and billionaire businessman is prepared to spend as much as $2 billion on either his own campaign or to help finance a Democratic nominee to unseat President Trump in the 2020 general election.”

Whether or not Bloomberg becomes president is beside the point. It seems that he is so obsessed with unseating the “Bad Orange Man” that the billionaire publisher will spend an enormous amount of money to unseat him. Presumably, that means supporting Sanders or Warren, even if it means electing a president who has vowed to strip people like him of his assets.

Why this single-minded obsession?

“Bloomberg, a fiscal conservative and a liberal on many social issues, is said to have personally loathed Trump for years. But that animus grew as Trump entered presidential politics on a platform that embraced nationalism and called for cutbacks on immigration. In 2016 he endorsed Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful campaign for president and mocked then-candidate Trump during his convention speech stating: “I’m a New Yorker, and I know a con when I see one.”

Bloomberg’s billions have had some effect in the 2018 midterm election, electing several relatively moderate Democrats to House seats, flipping the lower body from Republican to Democrat. The results of the 2018 election have led to the current impeachment spectacle that many voters have increasingly found to be aggravating.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg is diligently pursuing Plan A, which involved him taking the oath of office in about a year. He is even making a play for the African American vote, a bloc that so far has been in former Vice President Joe Biden’s corner.

According to ABC News, Bloomberg was in Tulsa on the Sunday of the Martin Luther King Birthday long weekend and apologized for his “white privilege.”

“As someone who has been very lucky in life, I often say my story would only have been possible in America — and that’s true,” Bloomberg said, speaking before a crowd that spilled over into a second room. “But I also know that my story might have turned out very differently if I had been black and that more black Americans of my generation would have ended up with far more wealth, had they been white.”

Bloomberg has a problem with African American voters because of his prior support for the “stop and frisk” policy that fell heaviest on black and brown New Yorkers. But the candidate, being who he is, has sweetened his appeal with the promise of lots of cash. Yahoo News reports that Bloomberg is promising a $70 billion program to bolster African American businesses.

“Bloomberg’s “Greenwood Initiative” plan is named after the Greenwood District, otherwise known as “Black Wall Street,” a Tulsa neighborhood that was once considered one of the most economically prosperous black communities in the U.S. The neighborhood was the center of a deadly two-day attack by a white mob during the 1920s.”

Besides an attempt to strip Biden of his African American voters, the pander is also designed to forestall inroads that President Trump has made in the black community. Some polls have suggested that Trump might get as much as 30 percent of the black vote. The astonishing results, unprecedented since Eisenhower was in office, has been attributed to the huge decrease in black unemployment thanks to the president’s economic policies.

President Trump has taken notice of Bloomberg’s drive to buy the presidency. According to The Hill, the president slammed his fellow New York billionaire over remarks Bloomberg made about the man who shot a gunman in Texas who had started to shoot up a church. Trump gave Bloomberg the nickname of “Mini Mike.”

Most analysts do not give Bloomberg much of a chance to get the nomination outright. But if he did, the general election would likely be very entertaining.