Mexican Cartels Kidnapping Migrants–Nothing We Can Do!

The accusative Democrats are quick to blame President Trump for all the trouble that their party has caused for the United States. They claim that his policies to deport migrants out of the country until their court dates are harmful and unfair.

They harass him and fight him in court to keep things off track for the country. But the truth remains that his policies do work and are making a difference.

Media outlets are also quick to report on the conditions on which the migrants are being placed. The Democrats are blaming President Trump for the conditions in Mexico that the migrants are being placed.

But truth be told President Trump has no say over the conditions of the sites because they are under Mexican jurisdiction. Mexican officials are the ones that need to be addressing the housing and safety of those being relocated.

Sources are showing that nearly 80 percent of the people taken to Mexico are being abducted by the Mexican mafia or are being attacked or violated. Some people have helped take the migrants deeper into Mexico to avoid being attacked by the cartels and others living in the crime-ridden areas.

The crime that exists in Mexico is a fight that must be fought in Mexico. The migrants knew full well the dangers of their trip. The president cannot be held responsible for the actions of another country.

One pastor in the area has been helping migrants stay safe but there is only so much he can do. Another man by the name of Aaron Mendez was told to hand over the Cubans in his care or face the consequences.

Law enforcement officers are still looking for him. The crime bosses are holding the migrant’s hostage and demanding that their relatives in America pay for their release. Mendez’s disappearance is just one of thousands that have taken place in the past 14 years.

Another man by the name of Moy Eduardo was taken and beaten until his family paid an $8,000 ransom. If payment was not received, he was to be taken to other people in the crime arena to have him. His family paid the ransom and he was set free. It is all about the money for the crime bosses. They take people and demand money in return. If no money is paid, the person is killed and never seen again.

Pastor Robles of the Baptist Church in the town has stated that “It’s become big business. It’s a way for the drug cartels to diversify.

It is worse in Tamaulipas than other border states, and worse in Nuevo Laredo than anywhere else in Tamaulipas. There’s no formula to the abductions and disappearances — they are kidnaped, beaten, women violated; most return, but not all”.

Nuevo Laredo is just a town that is full of crime. It is controlled by a crime organization at all times. It is here that people are taken and sold into slavery or held for ransom. These are the people that Mexico needs to go to war with and stop.

Mexico needs to take back their country from the cartels. President Trump has even offered U.S. help to see that it did. But so far Mexico has not moved on the offer.

The migrants leave their homes and end up finding worse criminals in Mexico. It may seem cruel to not let them in, but it would be far worse for them to show up only to return home. They knew what they were getting into when they left their homes and headed north.

The sad part is that the people are given a court date end up heading back south. They just don’t stick around for their time in court. Nearly half of those that are supposed to show up for court never appear.

This is not the fault of the president. But proof that the people never had any good intentions to obey the laws of the United States. They just wanted to freeload off the American people.