Media Trust Declining, News Industry in Chaos

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The news media has become so unreliable that people are refusing to watch. People are tired of the fake stories and made-up dialogue of people being interviewed only to find that their statements were changed to develop a liberal bias. They are getting away with it no longer. Mainstream media is in trouble as they are called out more and more for their lies and inaccurate news stories.

Meghan McCain got after two reporters from the infamous New York Times for screwing up a story that accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual crimes against women. The story was presented in a way as to make Kavanaugh guilty before the story could ever be told. News stories are to be presented in an unbiased way to allow the reader to make up their mind. But the mainstream media or as Rush Limbaugh calls them, “The Drive-by Media,” presents a liberal biased approach. They are telling people what to believe.

Rush Limbaugh puts it this way in a Facebook posting, “The true definition of the Drive-By Media is they arrive on the scene of major breaking news, and they stir up emotions to a frenzied fever pitch. They spread lies, and then, after a few hours or a few days when the real facts emerge, they’re gone.” And that is exactly what they did with Kavanaugh. McCain stated that “You guys left out a key detail.” They left out the fact that Kavanaugh does not remember ever doing what he is accused of doing that night at the party.

McCain goes on to say that “I think this is sort of Ground Zero for why so many people mistrust the media.” People no longer trust anything that the mainstream media says or reports anymore. The minute a media outlet stops providing liberal commentary and telling people what to believe will find that their audience will double or triple overnight. People want to hear news not opinion.

Nearly 50 percent of the population does not trust or even watch the news because of the stupid mistakes and twisting of facts that the reporters are doing. Most people have very little confidence in the media today because of how bad they have become. One university professor, Jeffrey McCall, from DePauw, stated that “Today, the media has lost sight of its obligation and instead too often fills the news hole with sensational, poorly sourced and/or agenda-driven content.”

McCall also stated that “Some leaders in the news industry tend to blame Trump’s media-bashing as the reason for this decline in media trust, but the trend has been ongoing for 15-20 years, well before Trump came down the escalator to begin his presidential campaign. Nobody expects the media to be perfect or 100 percent accurate, but obvious and high-profile lapses in professional judgment, as we saw in the New York Times this week, remind the public that the news industry is in chaos.”

McCall is correct. The news media is unreliable and is in shambles. They need to clean up their act and stop trying to liberalize the country. Just report the facts and leave the opinion to the people. The people are what make up the country and it’s the people that set the tone in government. But when the media are paid for by the dumb Democrats, one can see why the media stinks at what it does for the country. The Democrats do not have their act together so there is no reason why anyone should believe that the media has it together either.

President Trump calls the fake reporters out all the time. What he has started is a blessing in that people are now voicing their disapproval of the bad reporting and the twisting of facts to get a liberal spin on things. Sadly this kind of reporting and indoctrination happened in Germany before World War II as Hitler would brainwash the younger generation into believing his world domination philosophy. As a result, a generation grew up believing that they are superior to everyone else and started killing people for fun. The liberal media is trying to brainwash the next generation into a liberal mindset with the hopes that someday the liberals will outnumber the conservatives. Just another way that the liberals and the Democrats are trying to take over the country with their agendas.