Matt Gaetz Going for Adam Schiff’s Jugular

The Democrats are finding it a lot harder to get the job done now that Republicans are prepared to call them out on all of their shady dealings. Matt Gaetz, a Republican Representative out of Florida has not been shy from the very beginning. He’s bold, outspoken, and a firm ally of Donald Trump.

Representative Gaetz has accused Adam Schiff of having “unprofessional and divisive behavior.” On Wednesday, Gaetz announced that he filed a formal complaint against Adam Schiff, the Democratic Representative from California who is also the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Schiff has been taking the lead in the impeachment inquiry and has been a longtime critic of Trump.

Gaetz feels that filing an ethics complaint is more than warranted considering all that Adam Schiff has been doing behind the scenes. This includes distorting Trump’s call with Pres. Zelensky, lying to the American public about the Russian collusion, blocking members of Congress from various impeachment depositions, and the list goes on. This is the way that the Democratic representative must be held accountable.

Schiff has been allowed to get away with too much for too long, deceiving the American public and going on a witch hunt. His obvious hate of Pres. Trump has led to making baseless claims. Gaetz pointed to a March 2017 interview in order to back up his point where Adam Schiff claims to have “more than circumstantial evidence” of Trump and his campaign colluding with Russia. However, the Mueller report identified that Schiff’s claim was not only baseless but also untrue.

Gaetz identified in the letter to the Ethics Committee that Adam Schiff has had an unprofessional and divisive behavior that has created a significant amount of conflict within the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Republicans on the committee have signed a letter to request that Adam Schiff resign immediately citing the reason that Schiff is willing to regularly promote a “demonstrably false narrative.”

In response to all of this to Fox News, a Schiff spokesman responded to say that they don’t think anyone takes Mr. Gaetz seriously, particularly on the “subject of ethics.”

Since both Gaetz and Schiff are within the House of Representatives, they are colleagues. While they are on different sides of the House, the complaint could end a bipartisan ethics détente that has been in place for decades. House lawmakers rarely file ethics complaints, especially across party lines. This is because the two sides agreed to end a partisan ethics war over two decades ago because it was consuming Congress.

This seems to be a problem yet again – and it’s because Adam Schiff continues to manipulate the facts and create random facts that don’t have any substance. Every issue that the Trump administration has had since the impeachment inquiry was launched has led back to Adam Schiff, including details about the whistleblower and whether that person had any actual information to present or if it was all via another party.

While Gaetz isn’t typically an argumentative member of Congress, he has felt the need to call out Schiff because of all of the shifty activities that have been taking place – and plenty of Republicans have chosen to back Gaetz. This is proof that it’s not a personal issue. None of the House Republicans are a fan of how Schiff is handling things, and mainly it’s because he continues to keep too many pertinent facts to himself or to hold closed-door meetings that exclude the Republican members of the House.

The complaint may end up bringing the walls of the House down because of getting rid of the bipartisan agreement made two decades ago. However, Schiff has to be held accountable for all that he is doing simply because he is eager to get Trump out of office.

Is Schiff in that much of a hurry to see Mike Pence become the President of the United States? Does he think that he can turn around and launch another impeachment inquiry to get Pence out in order to bow before Pelosi? Schiff is allowing his personal vendetta against the President cloud his judgment.

By the end of the entire impeachment ordeal, the only thing that is likely to happen is that Adam Schiff is forced to resign from the House of Representatives while Donald Trump maintains his office. This is because there are representatives like Matt Gaetz who is willing to call Adam Schiff out on everything that he is doing. There is justice within the justice system. Sometimes, it just requires a helping hand in order to make sure that everything is being pushed along in the right direction.