Mass Media Lies: Here’s The Truth of Climate Change Rollback’s by Trump

The mass media would have everyone believe that the changes that President Trump has made for the United States have done nothing but hurt the nation.

When in fact everything that he has done has only made everything better for the people and the economy. What is driving the hatred for the president from the maniac media is that the president is rolling back all the regulations that Obama put in place to strangle the country.

Obama made it his mission to strangle the industry that brings resources to the people. He bought into the lie that the climate is dying and the United States is to blame.

Obama signed on to just about every climate treaty at the expense of the very nation that he had sworn to protect and make better. President Trump deserves a medal for removing the stupid regulations put in place by Obama.

President Trump removed the United States from the Paris climate accord and even rolled back much of the emission limits that Obama placed on power plants. The media would have everyone believe that because of the changes the world is going to end tomorrow when the increase emissions burn off the earth’s ozone layer.

But what has happened is just the opposite. The ozone layer is still intact and the power planets are now producing enough power for the entire nation. They are now free to develop new technologies that will produce far fewer emissions than the regulations could ever restrict. So the president has done what Obama could never do and that helps the economy and the climate.

The media would have everyone believe that every natural disaster from hurricanes to floods is a result of President Trump’s move to free up the nation from all the red tape Obama put in place.

The world takes care of itself. It goes through heating and cooling cycles regularly so the planet keeps a good balance of itself. This is something the president understands but the media fails to grasp.

President Trump will have a lasting legacy when it comes to his decisions for the climate but it will not be as the media says. They claim that he has set the nation on a path to destroy the environment.

But the truth is that he has put America on a path to develop better technology to reduce emissions beyond what Obama wanted to see. Obama would see the nation crumble at the hands of the other nations of the world because he believes the lies that they were telling him about global warming.

The President removed the Clean Power Act that nearly destroyed the coal industry. These power plants burn coal cleanly and safely which in turn provides much of the cheap energy people enjoy all over the nation.

President Trump cleaned up the mess and now the cost to produce energy has never been lower. The President has put the power back into the hands of the states to set their emission levels.

The federal government does not need to be the big brother of the world. People are smarter than the loony liberals think they are. The big government never works.

But putting the power into the hands of the people always works. That is exactly what the founding fathers of the United States did. They put the power in the hands of the people.

President Trump has also allowed more areas that were once off-limits to be drilled for new resources. His promise to make America great started with getting the country independent of its energy development.

No longer does the country have to depend on others to produce the resources that are needed to run America.

The oil industry can once again produce oil the right way without having to monitor higher methane levels. The Obama restrictions were nothing but a duplicate of what the industry was already doing.

In a way, Obama doubled the restriction levels which put the small oil producers nearly out of business. Obama was all about killing the economy. But President Trump is about growing the economy while at the same time improving on what Obama could not do and that is to protect the nation.