‘Man Camps’ Spark COVID-19 Fears, Democrats Call for Halt on Wall

The Democrats will stop at nothing to stop President Trump from completing the wall at the southern border. They have tried enlisting the help of the courts only to end in failure.

They have tried withholding funds, but the president found a way around their selfish tactics. Their latest attempt is to use the virus as an excuse to keep them from building. They claim that the hundreds of workers that are passing through the towns are a health risk and they need to go home.

The Democrats have profiled such as areas as “man camps” which itself is a gendering term that should not be used. There are women that are working in the areas as well. The liberals are trying to once again gain national attention by blowing up the truth making things look horrible and dangerous.  The only thing dangerous to America is a Democrat. They just cannot let it go that President Trump has won this war.

They are crying about the fact that the Customs and Border Protection announced their plans to move forward with another large section of the wall. The Democrats are passing off the notion that everyone is supposed to be locked down, but they fail to remember that construction workers are essential by default. They are on the long list of people that do not have to in their homes. Most of the time the workers are over six feet apart as they work.

The demonic left is claiming that the local residents are cowering in fear in their homes because of the out-of-town workers that are coming into the area. What should be realized is how far removed they are from the virus in the first place. The majority of the country is not going to catch the virus.

The Democrats do not want people to know that the medical facilities in the areas are open and dealing with anything that comes around. And so far there has been nothing to worry about.

The Democrats love to play on people’s fears. They get them to see the sick everywhere that they go. These workers are out in the open and away from everyone most of the time. There is no way that they can infect people.

The Democrats simply want the wall to stop. They cannot fathom the success of the president as the numbers have dropped regarding illegal crossings. These victories are going to pave the way for another four years for President Trump.

One paranoid health center professional named Gail Emrick stated “They are bringing people as far away as places like Nebraska and Montana. It’s just bringing an irrational level of danger to these communities.” There is no more danger entering these communities than the rap and drug gangs from the southern side of the border.

The Army Corps of Engineers has also stated that the social distancing guidelines are being followed. There is no reason why liberals should be attacking the workers and the project. Except they just hate the fact that it is still in operation. It is like the liberals are trying to create a fear wave as each new trailer is put up around the towns.

The liberals found Helena Myers and got her to agree with them as she would say “We are a rural village and we are obviously concerned about an unnecessary build of the wall. That is not our priority when we have an epidemic. The mayor thinks this is going to be commerce for the village, but this could be a detriment to our health.” The mayor is right in that it will bring good business to the town that normally struggles to find new people to settle in the area.

A liberal will never see the good of any project. All they see is bad and they look for ways to fight it.  But in the end, the president will finish the wall and will have made America a great and safe place to live.