Los Angeles Judge Throws Out Second Amendment

It doesn’t take much time, in looking about the world right now, that some people will always try to use moments of crisis, chaos, and turmoil to further their own ideas and the way they think things should be.

From the get-go, China has used this as another opportunity to prove its dominance, infiltrating itself further into the UN, getting praise from communist back WHO members, and even invading the neighboring fishing waters of Indonesia.

Here in the US, the coronavirus outbreak has caused some problems in states where Democratic primaries have not happened yet, and so the party is taking advantage of that. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others are now involved in a plan to revamp our election system completely. They say it is for the better, but wouldn’t you know, it benefits them the most.

Anti-religious or anti-Christianity organizations, backed by leftist agenda-pushing politicians, are finally getting churches to close their doors. Of course, they claim it is only temporary and that it is for obvious health reasons. But then why are they also fining and arresting citizens for participating in ‘drive-in’ church services, where the congregation is spread safely apart?

So it should come as no surprise that if our fundamental rights and liberties are going to be trampled on, so too will our Second Amendment rights. After all, the progressive left has been after that one for decades, it seems.

When stay-at-home orders were first issued throughout the nation, included in that was the closing of all ‘non-essential’ businesses and shops. Obviously, this includes things like hair and nail salons, designer clothing retailers, pet grooming shops, etc. But some companies, like gun shops, are not so clear.

For most of us, a gun and the ammo needed to fire it is not a part of our daily routine. However, it is essential and one of the most effective ways to defend ourselves from harm and to make sure we are free to continue to do so.

But apparently, not everyone gets that last part because several local and state jurisdictions have decided that all gun and ammo shops should close for the foreseeable future.

California is one of those. When local businesses were ordered to close if they were ‘non-essential,’ Governor Newsom included gun stores in that classification. And under his advisement, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva agreed.

Naturally, as these businesses are essential to keeping our Second Amendment intact, many Americans were up in arms about the order. A group of gun rights activists, including the National Rifle Association, the Firearms Policy Coalition, and the Second Amendment Foundation filed a lawsuit against both the governor and the county.

Now it wasn’t long afterward that this cry for our rights to be upheld was heard by President Donald Trump. And so, his staff went to work to put out a revised list of what the federal government considered to be essential businesses. Included in that list were firearms manufacturers and gun stores, claiming that they were a part of “critical infrastructure.”

Most jurisdictions, including California and Los Angeles County, backtracked from their original decision and allowed gun stores to reopen, with limited hours and by appointment only, of course.

While this was a step in the right direction for those that joined in filing the lawsuit against the Californian government, it was not the end of it. The groups want to ensure that the shops could not be ordered closed again.

However, federal judge Andre Birotte Jr, one appointed by former President Barack Obama, rejected the gun rights groups’ arguments. Birotte ruled that while the coalition could make a case against the county, it is within its rights to order such closures, as the city and county have stated that their primary “objective” at this time is to decrease “the spread of this disease.”

As the Free Beacon reports, the coalition of gun rights activists is not thrilled with the ruling. “We will continue to seek a preliminary injunction in this matter and are prepared to seek relief from the Ninth Circuit and the Supreme Court should doing so be necessary.”

While keeping people safe and healthy during this time is of the utmost importance, it will be worth nothing if, in the process, we destroy our constitutional rights. Sure, more of us might be alive after all this, but it might not matter if we aren’t free to actively live the way our founding fathers dreamed we could.

After all, what is life if it isn’t free?