Lindsey Graham May End Up Seeing This as Karma

The news and interest in the suspected and questionable actions of Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden is picking up steam. One story, covering Senate Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham’s interview on “Face the Nation,” was evidence of this interest, and for Mr. Graham, it may end up being something he might call Karma as well.

This isn’t a new story per se, but it is a story that has been intimately tied to the Dem’s latest impeachment circus. There are more than a few people that have been begging to know more about the original story too, the one this impeachment show on Capitol Hill has attempted to cover and hide. When it is all said and done, this may arguably be one of the most elaborate diversion tactics ever employed by the Left – and they were swinging for the fences on this one!

It seems that many people have forgotten why the President even uttered Biden’s name to begin with, in all this talk of Ukraine transcripts, quid quo pro, and all the other smoke. That is also exactly what the Democrats were hoping for, and they almost succeeded.

In one clean swing, if they connected, the Dems would have been able to protect their golden ticket namely, Joe Biden, while removing their nemesis President Trump. They would also be able to protect the history of their last President by protecting or “covering” the choices made by the Vice President at that time, yeah – that same guy.

Fortunately, for all of us, there are enough people who haven’t forgotten, which brings us back up to date and the here and now. Recently, one Rudy Giuliani the President’s personal attorney, went on a fact-finding mission to Hungary and Ukraine to conclude his months-long investigation into these very questions.

Currently, he is composing a report on his findings. That news was the impetus behind some of the Q&A with Lindsey Graham recently during the aforementioned interview on “Face the Nation”.

When asked about the return of Giuliani and his claims to have evidence supporting some very serious claims, Graham was short and direct. As the story reported, “Graham said he was willing to hear from Giuliani if he wanted to talk to the Judiciary Committee about what he had found.”

Two points of note should be highlighted here. One is that Graham isn’t in support of the impeachment circus as our story reports him saying, “I have nothing but disdain for this.” Then added, “I think this whole thing is a crock.” That is rather straightforward, right?

Then consider the other point, which is a personal tie between Joe Biden and Graham himself. A short time following the South Carolina Senator’s candid opinion of the Dems efforts against the President, he was asked about those ties with Biden. It was here that the story reminded us of what Joe Biden said when the Senator first opened up an investigation into the former Vice President’s actions.

It was viewed as a threat by some as Biden said, regarding the investigation, that Graham was “going to go down in a way he was going to regret his whole life.” The story had to remind us, but there is no doubt Lindsey Graham had not forgotten.

That was then and this is now and how it does seem like the tide is turning. If any of the alleged reports from Giuliani’s findings are true of bribery, money laundering, and more, it would definitely be justice. Even more so perhaps because of the Democrat’s efforts to hide the former Vice President’s actions by using a diversion tactic aimed at removing President Trump.

What this would also be, however, is sweet karma for Senator Graham. Only life can create the best drama and this is one of those situations where it seems it could not have been scripted any better. Of course, Graham said that he would wait until after the circus in Washington leaves town to proceed and follow up with Giuliani, but does anyone else think he might be very motivated to read that report and have that meeting?

Can you say, karma?