Liberal Court Orders Release of Illegals from ICE custody in Florida

The liberal courts have been working hard to do the bidding of their Democratic masters. For years they have sought to interfere and put a stop to the legal operation of ICE and other immigration departments.

They have fought against the president’s move of securing the border to the point that the Supreme Court has had to get involved. The president’s actions with the courts have led to others fighting back.

ICE lawyers have boldly stated to the federal court of Miami that they have no business getting involved and trying to oversight “ICE’s administration of its sound policies.”

Judge Jonathan Goodman wanted ICE to prove that they are trying to process illegals to keep them from getting the virus. The insane thought of the judge assumes that the virus is targeting jails and prisons. The illegals would have a better chance of catching the virus in public in the detention centers.

The judge has no business telling ICE to hurry up their efforts to get the people out of the center. He argues based on an unproven argument that liberals use that says the centers are dirty and detainees are at risk of infection.

The judge wants ICE to submit reports twice a week as to their progress in processing people. He has no right according to the lawyers to even demand such reports from a federal agency with sound rules and regulations. The basis for the order is unfounded and purely a made-up lie by the Democrats.

For some reason, the liberals love the six-foot rule. They claim that the illegals have to live within six feet of each which means they will get the virus. But they cannot prove that fact to be true. The court has overstepped its authority once again for the sake of a political statement.

ICE stated that “Such an order is unnecessarily broad, unduly burdensome and unwarranted. A twice-weekly report would not yield more meaningful information than a report filed once every two weeks, or, at a minimum, once a week.”

The ICE lawyers also mentioned that “The report’s directives as to how ICE is to exercise its detention authority exceeds this court’s jurisdiction to adjudicate cases and controversies.” The judge wanted to order all the illegals released but he stopped short of ordering that directive. That would have drawn national attention. Something that liberals try to avoid when attacking sound organizations.

All the judge has done is put more work into the hands of ICE. This is going to slow them down in the processing time. ICE reported that “Decreasing the frequency of reporting would relieve some of the administrative burden imposed on ICE to analyze data, review files, and having its employees enter the workspace, while at the same time producing the information needed by the court.”

The judge has complicated the process by sticking his nose in the business where he does not belong. One group that loves the judge stated that people in the centers want out to avoid harm and sickness. That is what they may say, but all they want out for is to be able to disappear into the public and run free in America. Illegals do not care about the laws of the land. If they get what they want out of the system, they are happy to live illegally in the country.

These kinds of issues are popping up all around the country. Liberal judges thinking they control politics. The Democrats, liberals, and insane federal judges are using the virus as a cover to get what they want out of people. ICE has also been ordered to report how many infections have passed through the centers. But ICE has no intention of releasing that kind of data to the courts.

Their lawyers maintain that it is none of their business. Now that the matter is tied up in court pending a higher court review, ICE can get back to the business of keeping the country safe from illegals. The federal courts have no business playing politics. It is best left to the legislature to enact laws. The court’s job is to interpret those laws.