Liar Michael Cohen Says He’s Running for a House Seat, But It Could Just Be Another Lie

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a katz /

Serial liar Michael Cohen, the one-time attorney for President Donald Trump, says that his former boss should no longer be eligible to run for office. After all, Trump is a “convicted felon” according to a rigged Manhattan jury. In related news, Michael Cohen says that he is running for a seat in Congress.

Can anyone explain to us what this new standard is? Michael Cohen did time in prison for perjury. In addition to being a convicted felon, he actually did time in prison. So, if Donald Trump is ineligible to run for office because he is a “convicted felon,” why is it okay for Michael Cohen to run for office?

If anyone can explain this new double standard, we’re all ears! Just speak slowly and loudly so that those of us at the back of the room can hear.

Cohen says he’s not running for office this year, however. He’s planning to run for Rep. Jerrold Nadler’s (D-NY) seat in the 2026 election. Nadler has been in the same seat for 30 years now. In an interview with New York magazine, Cohen says he plans to make the official announcement of his challenge to Nadler on Nov. 6th, the day after the 2024 election.

Cohen added that he would have run for office this year, but he suffered a mental breakdown because of the Trump trial. So, he’s a convicted felon and mentally ill! He’s quite a catch, New York! You’re lucky to have him.

Nadler, for his part, was dismissive of Cohen’s announcement, stating, “Anyone can run for Congress—even a con man.”

This should be a fun race to watch in 2026.