Kim Jong Un Is Upset Over a Lack of Attention- Fires Another Ballistic Missile Into the Sea

Alexander Khitrov/

Much like a child who can’t get the toy they want in the store, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is throwing another tantrum over not getting the attention he craves. Unlike a toddler though, he isn’t trashing the cereal aisle, but taunting other nations with military provocation. His quest for attention is never-ending, and he feels like his lack of attention is nothing but disrespect for his tiny nation.

Launching a ballistic missile to the sea east of North Korea, Kim has officially tested 14 missiles to date in 2022. Coincidentally enough, in six days South Korea’s new President will be taking office. Unlike previous leaders in South Korea, the new one is more conservative and has a much lower threshold for the hijinks of the North Korean leader.

Japanese leaders are also taking a firm stance against this provocation. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is visiting Rome and let reporters know how he felt about the launch, and about his plans for the topic while in Italy. “North Korea’s series of actions that threaten the peace, safety, and stability of the international community are impermissible… Naturally, we will exchange views on the regional situation in the Indo-Pacific and East Asia, and I will thoroughly explain the reality of the region including the North Korean missile launch today, to gain an understanding of the pressing situation in East Asia.”

By sharing the views on the situation Kishida has an opportunity to not only help gain European support should North Korea decide to attack, but to also help ensure nations in and friendly with NATO are up to date on the current situation. Given the fact that Japanese Vice Defense Minister Makoto Oniki claimed that the missile landed outside the Japanese Exclusive Economic Zone, it makes sense that they are concerned about how close Jong Un is getting to their shores.

North Korea has been ramping up its weapons tests ever since President Trump left office. Their quest to prove that they are becoming more capable, while also putting more pressure on Washington to loosen their restrictions on the tiny is facing, as well as the deeply frozen nuclear negotiations it has with the US. By rattling their saber and trying to show the Indo-Pacific region that they mean business, they want to look tougher and more determined than they are.

The end of April saw another military might parade in the capital of Pyongyang from Kim. During the parade, Kim debuted his latest and most powerful nuclear-capable missiles while targeting the US and its allies with his rhetoric. His speech also detailed how the regime is developing its arsenal at the fastest possible pace, and how it would preemptively use its nuclear weapons if national interests were threatened.

Parades and speeches like these are not uncommon for the hermit nation. Kim has been pushing his beliefs on the world for years, and he truly seems to believe that the nation is the strongest in the world. He has chosen to take the hill of North Korean supremacy for the one for him and the rest of his country to die on. A belief that has left his country in extreme poverty except for himself and the top leadership within North Korea.

These generals are ready to die alongside him while the rest of the population starves. As the country continues to push this message upon the globe, other nations are forced to sit and listen. His willingness to go nuclear is far too dangerous to entertain with military action, and the true victims of the North Korean propaganda are its poor citizens. Many of whom live in severe poverty with nothing but the special pictures of the dear leaders to inspire them.