Kamala Harris Decides to Step into the Light…And Visit Chicago’s Crime-Ridden City

lev radin/shutterstock.com

Kamala Harris is one of the least popular vice presidents in modern history. Why? Well, she doesn’t do much.

The Biden administration has faced a significant amount of criticism for not doing enough to address crime. Further, Democrats aren’t finding it easy to get re-elected considering the poor approval rating of the administration.

Essentially, Democrats have to step it up.

Over the past two years, we’ve seen the crime rates in Chicago skyrocket. There’s a shooting splashing across the headlines every single week. It’s as if Mayor Lori Lightfoot has given up.

Chicago is known for its strict gun laws. Yet, gun violence is constantly happening. How is that possible? It proves that it’s not about the laws – it’s about what’s being done to the criminals.

Lightfoot is under the belief that it’s racist to charge black criminals for the crimes that are committed. As such, they focus on creating more gun laws, only for them not to be followed by the criminals.

Kamala Harris has decided that it’s time to get off of her backside and leave her cushy office in DC.

She is visiting Chicago as a way to address the mass shooting that happened on the Fourth of July, during the city’s parade. Six people were killed and another 30+ were injured. It all happened as the parade traveled throughout the Highland Park neighborhood.

Harris told reporters: “I am going to travel to Chicago tomorrow morning to address the National Association of Educators – NEA.”

Umm, that’s great that she’s meeting with a teacher’s union, but what about the gun violence plaguing Chicago? As liberal media outlets try to spin Harris’s trip out of concern for the mass shooting, the reality is that her trip was already planned long before the shooting took place.

It is unclear as to whether Harris plans to meet with any of the victims from the mass shooting or offer in-person condolences to the families who lost someone during the parade.

What Harris has said is that “Part of what I’m preparing — sadly, I was preparing it before, but it’s resonant every day — is a whole section on what our teachers go through. They go to school to learn how to teach our children to inspire their ambition to create the future generations of leaders and our teachers are also in training to deal with an active shooter.”

Again, this is all well and great, but the shootings are happening on the streets during city-promoted events. Talking to teachers about the shootings that happen inside of classrooms won’t help to address the fact that crime is happening everywhere in Chicago.

It’s typical of Kamala Harris. She is missing the bigger picture.

The only one within the administration that has even addressed the fact that Chicago has been hit with a mass murder is Biden, saying that he and Jill were “shocked by the senseless gun violence that has yet again brought grief to an American community on this Independence Day.”

Sadly, Chicago wasn’t the only city that experienced a shooting on Independence Day. Philadelphia, too, experienced a shooting.

And the two cities have one thing in common: they’re both run by liberals.

Perhaps if the Biden administration focused more on crime deterrents for criminals and less on limiting the Second Amendment for law-abiding Americans, we could put an end to the “senseless gun violence.”

What Harris tweeted before even arriving in Chicago tells us that she’s all about regurgitating the liberal agenda: “This shooting is an unmistakable reminder that more should be done to address gun violence in our country.”

Hey, maybe she’ll spend the next two years trying to discover the root cause of gun violence in the U.S…