Kamala Conveniently “Forgot” About A Trump Donation

A big “oops” happened when Kamala Harris forgot about the $5,000 donation that she accepted from Donald Trump quite a few years ago for her re-election campaign. Trump chose the highest level of sponsorship for the event and Ivanka Trump attended the event. Harris didn’t “remember” that this happened.

If this doesn’t show that Trump isn’t all about the politics, supporting a Democrat prior to being in office, then there’s nothing that will.

Harris’ Shift in Political Views

Kamala Harris wasn’t always the liberal champion that she makes herself out to be now. In fact, her political stances were quite different when she was a prosecutor. For a man that she calls “vile,” she had no problem accepting a donation from him close to a decade ago.

Why a donation?

Sworn affidavits from Trump and his daughter Ivanka state that the disgraced former New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, was the one behind the $5,000 donation to Harris’ then re-election campaign for California Attorney General.

Schneiderman’s aide was soliciting the donation for Harris, and Ivanka helped to arrange it. The event was sponsored by Schneiderman for the newly elected Kamala Harris. Trump, in response, made the highest level of sponsorship that was listed on the invitation — $5,000. Ivanka Trump and a few of the other top executives from Trump Org were in attendance.

Harris isn’t the only Dem to receive a donation from Trump, either. However, Harris is one that furiously criticizes Trump to the point that it’s making herself look bad. For someone who is running as a presidential hopeful, she spews such words as “vile,” “ignorant,” and “hateful” to the president. If he was all of these things, she shouldn’t have accepted a donation from him in the first place.

Kirsten Gillibrand received Trump donations twice – once in December 2007 and another in 2010. He donated to then-Senator Joe Biden in 2001, too.

The Trumps as a family have actually been quite generous to Kamala Harris. Trump made the $5,000 donation in 2011, another $1,000 in 2013, and Ivanka donated $2,000 in 2014.

Harris’ Criticism of Trump

This is quite the awkward revelation for people who have been supporting Kamala Harris in the polls. How can she hate someone as much as she claims to hate Trump and, yet, accept donations from him at the same time?

Well, she didn’t always publicly condemn Trump. She didn’t do it in 2011 or 2012. When Trump was pushing “birther” conspiracies about former President Obama, Harris was silent. Many others chose to say things during this time. It also would have been a great time for Harris to speak up since she was so quick to accuse Biden of being racist – why not do the same to Trump, then? Oh, well, she was making money on Trump at the time, so she kept her mouth shut.

Conveniently, Harris said that she donated the full $6,000 that she received from Donald Trump to a nonprofit focusing on Central American rights. That, however, didn’t happen until 2015, a year following her re-election. As for proof of this, it hasn’t been provided. Further, there’s nothing about the $2,000 that she got from Ivanka Trump. Saying that she donated the money seems like a quick way to push off the fact that she accepted significant donations from someone she now wants nothing to do with.

It sounds like much of Harris’ criticism is a result of peer pressure. The other Dems are doing it, so Harris doesn’t want to be outdone. She’s lining up with the Squad, making sure that she’s saying the same things as them. She’s condemning the president without offering up any better solutions.

Harris’ entire platform for her 2020 presidential campaign has been to point the finger and attack as opposed to talking in detail about her plan for America. First, she attacked Biden for his comments about former Senators, calling him racist. Then, she attacks Trump for being “vile” without giving any real detail as to why she feels that way.

With Harris conveniently forgetting about the donations she accepted from Donald and Ivanka Trump, it begs the question of what else she may have forgotten about. With her being so close with Schneiderman that he would sponsor a re-election campaign for her, it is questionable as to what else she may be hiding.

There’s one thing that Kamala Harris shouldn’t be count on this time around, though, and that’s another donation, this time going towards her election campaign. Trump’s likely to sit this one out.