Just Over a Year Later, Another Norfolk Southern Derailment

Wirestock Creators / shutterstock.com
Wirestock Creators / shutterstock.com

With President Joe Biden only just recently getting to the last major Norfolk Southern (NS) derailment in East Palestine, OH from Feb 3rd, 2023, now he has another one. Residents along the sleepy town of Bethlehem, PA, had their morning disturbed when a NS train derailed along the Lehigh River. Leaking diesel fuel and polypropylene plastic pellets, the disaster is likely to be another far-reaching environmental event.

With photos showing the derailed cars, at least one was partially submerged in the river, with others leaking down towards it. Emergency responders quickly deployed protective equipment to contain the diesel spill as well as to recover the spilled pellets. Not wanting to become another East Palestine, they made their move with no hesitation and claimed they got the majority of it, but as we have previously seen, this often isn’t the case as much of it likely escaped quickly.

In a statement, NS tried dressing up the situation.

“Norfolk Southern has responded to a derailment in Lower Saucon Township, PA. There is no threat to the public, no hazardous material concerns from the railcars, and no reports of injuries to our crew members. We appreciate the quick, professional response by local emergency agencies. Our crews and contractors will remain on-scene over the coming days to clean up, and we appreciate the public’s patience while they work as quickly, thoroughly, and as safely as possible. We are always working to advance safety. We will investigate this incident to understand how it happened and prevent others like it.”

So far, NS has taken little to no responsibility for their accidents. While derailments are somewhat common, they are vastly underreported unless big spills like this one and the one in East Palestine. It’s time we stop allowing President Biden and the puppet mainstream media to hide the truth.