Judge in Hunter Biden Paternity Case Suddenly Leaves

There is no end to the deception and the lies that the Biden family is feeding to the American people. There is so much more than surrounds Hunter Biden than is initially known and now it seems that it is spilling over into the lives of other people.

Hunter Biden saw the judge that was ruling over his paternity case simply up and leave for no good reason. Don McSpadden excused himself without offering any kind of explanation at all. It seems very odd that a judge would simply leave without reason unless there was more going on than everyone knows about.

McSpadden left the trial a few days after a private investigation firm wanted to get involved in the case. It seems strange that a judge would disappear after a private investigation firm would want to get involved in the case. The firm filed a “Notice of Fraud and Counterfeiting and Production of Evidence” with the court.

They are saying that they have proof that Biden had “established bank and financial accounts with Morgan Stanley et al.” for the company that he was a board member of. That company was called Burisma Holdings. The purpose of setting the accounts was to fuel a “money laundering scheme.”

All of this coming out after it was found that during his father’s vice president service he and his father were involved with some very questionable business practices. Hunters Biden’s life is full of duplicity and lies that no one can trust what he is saying any longer.

Upon hearing of the notice that was filed the judge had that statement removed from the courtroom record. The judge claimed that it violated the rules of procedure that “required the intervening party to raise a claim that shared a ‘question of law or fact in common’ with the existing case. Biden’s legal team had told the court that D&A’s filing was riddled with falsehoods and clearly procedurally improper.”

The judge just could not believe what he was hearing about Hunter Biden, so he had that notice removed. The very notion that Hunter Biden was a fraud and guilty of hidden crimes was enough for the judge.

It looks like this judge is up to no good as he seeks to protect the Biden name. Should all of this fraud and criminal activity find its way into the public, it could look really bad for Joe Biden and his run for the White House. As people would want to know what his role in his sons’ illegal affairs could be.

It was also noted that the firm claimed, it had provided attorneys for Lunden Alexis Roberts, the plaintiff, ‘access to [Hunter Biden’s] bank account records’ that show proof of ‘fraud and counterfeiting.’ D&A sought to be officially added as a party to the case, in an effort to support Roberts’ claim and provide proof of Biden’s alleged criminal activity.” This investigation firm is working hard to bring the truth to the surface about Hunter Biden.

McSpadden pulled himself off the case. Brent M. Langdon who is Roberts’ attorney makes it clear that he thought this firm was trying to smear Biden’s name. But the truth does not lie.

Hunter Biden was wrapped tight in some pretty nasty illegal business practices. And the judge and lawyers did not want it all to get out. McSpadden would end up sending the case over to the “Administrative Plan of the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit.”

Before McSpadden failed to do his job he had ordered all the income records from Biden and Roberts to be kept secret and only the lawyers could see them. This sorry judge knew the truth about Biden and was looking for ways to protect the Biden name.

It was found that during the case that Biden is, in fact, the father of Robert’s baby. A DNA test confirmed that much to be true. Hunter Biden is a creep that needs to be locked away for a long time. His father is no better as he has been aware of and participated behind the scenes in his son’s endeavors.