Joe Biden Demands Billions to Fly & Bus Illegal Alien Child Molesters to Your Neighborhood

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The Biden regime is asking Congress for $14 billion in appropriations so it can bus and/or fly illegal alien child molesters, rapists, murderers, armed robbers, cannibals, and future Democrat Party voters to your neighborhood. The White House is euphemistically calling this funding for “border security,” but no one is falling for that at this point. The money will be used to resettle even more dangerous foreign criminals in America, and to lower the costs for Democrat cities that are complaining about too many illegals showing up ahead of next year’s elections.

It’s beyond a joke at this point that the Biden regime wants any money for border security. They let in another 300,000 illegal alien criminals in September alone. The unofficial number of entrants for this year is about 2.5 million. That doesn’t include “gotaways,” legal aliens, or temporary work permit holders that they’ve allowed in.

Most people understand at this point that the Biden regime is spending our tax dollars to help migrants reach the southern border, at which point it processes and releases them. Then, Biden either sticks them on a plane or a bus and resettles them in American cities. Cities are then expected to give them free hotels, medical care, education, and job training.

American employers are expected to give the illegal aliens jobs that would have otherwise gone to American workers. That’s if they can even get them to work. Moving at a snail’s pace, New York has managed to get just 2,000 of its new illegal alien arrivals to fill out the paperwork asking the federal government for work permits. The Biden regime has responded to those requests by not processing the work permits, which now forces New York to keep supporting the illegals with cradle-to-grave welfare.

The $14 billion for illegal alien resettlement is tucked away in yet another huge funding request totaling $106 billion. Most of the rest of the money would go to Ukraine and Israel. Biden’s real purpose in the request is to help mitigate the huge costs of housing and feeding the illegals. With a presidential election on the horizon, Joe Biden is planning to bribe Democrat mayors in cities like New York, Chicago, and Denver with extra federal aid. This will make people like New York City Mayor Eric Adams shut up for the rest of the year, after he’s been heavily criticizing Biden for this insane policy.

It will also shield the taxpayers in these cities from the huge costs of caring for the foreign criminal invaders. Major cities have already been forced to make budget cuts, just to cover the costs of Joe Biden’s border surge. If the White House can give them some relief through the election next year, then they can go back to pretending that there’s no crisis. It’s sort of like what they did before the 2022 midterms, when they sold the oil from America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserves to China in order to temporarily lower gas prices.

Back in August, the Biden regime requested $4 billion in taxpayer money. As Breitbart News reported at the time, the funds were not for border security. The money was actually to open up new “migrant pathways” to funnel illegal aliens directly into America from places like Colombia, Ecuador, and Guatemala. Instead of letting them make the dangerous trek through the Darien Gap, Central America and Mexico, Biden has just been flying them straight to the border from those countries.

The good news is that House Republicans don’t seem intent on giving Joe Biden any more taxpayer money for “border security.” Plus, without a House Speaker right now, they’re not getting much of anything done.