Jars of Human Tongues Found at Florida Home–Where’d They Come From?

Every time there is a person that does not value life there is bound to be some kind of gross outcome. A person that believes murdering babies is fine is bound to have cruel beliefs about the treatment of deceased bodies.

This is the case of what one man found in a crawl space under a home in Florida. He had found a jar that was full of preserved human tongues. The man that found the tongues quickly called 911 and got the police on the scene.

It seems that a lot of weird things come out of the state of Florida. But this so happens to be the place where the tongues were found. The shock on the man that found the jar is panicky. Once the police arrived they started to suspect some kind of serial killer was at work.

But the end result of the investigation turned out to be rather boring. Ronald Baughman is the owner of the jar. And he is a pathology professor that was storing the tongues in the crawlspace because that area had the right climate to preserve the tongue collection.

At some point, Baughman placed the tongues there and forget all about them. Later on, a home inspection was being conducted on the home and that is when the tongues were found. Baughman and his wife would later divorce, probably over the tongue collection.

When he left the home, he forgot all about the tongues. Turned out to be the one cruel joke on his ex-wife. She would forget about them until she decided to renovate her home. The perfect serial-killer moment is produced as the tongues are found.

One can only have hoped to be present for the unveiling of the tongue collection. To see the horror on the wife’s face and the shock on the inspector’s face would have been priceless. But one needs to wonder why Baughman didn’t just leave the tongues at the school for keeping. There was no reason to bring them to his home and store them in a crawl space.

The act of storing human remains in a home was legal decades ago. But in today’s culture, it has become illegal. The act of removing human remains from the laboratory is also looked down on by other scholars.

One professor from the University of Florida would state that “It would be neither appropriate or legal for a faculty member or researcher to bring something like that home.” What is disturbing about the find is that it is not as uncommon in Gainesville, Florida to see this kind of thing.

It is like the swamp gas has polluted the minds of these kinds of people. The weird fascination of the professors to store human remains in their homes has become somewhat of a common occurrence for the police. Human remains are not the only things that are normally found. Animal remains have been found in people’s homes.

The police have to look at the find from a possible criminal standpoint. But they are confident that the matter has been resolved. It is not like some serial-killer has been lurking around stealing people’s tongues and storing them for later use.

Many of the jars were found with dates as late as the 1960s. The dates helped the police determine what was going on at the moment. It is thought that Baughman brought the tongues home for work purposes and just forgot about them. After all, divorce can cause a lot of people to forget that they have a tongue collection under their house.

Baughman is an exception to the human remains crowd. Some people have been known to store thousands of baby parts in their homes from abortions that they had performed throughout the years.

This kind of sick practice only shows the danger of believing that a fetus is not a baby. The baby is viewed as a lower life form and worthy of being preserved in a jar like some kind of rare animal.