Jailed Former Prison Guard Beat to Death by Inmate…Federal Prisons Are In Crisis Mode

There is perhaps no harder life than that of an ex-law enforcement officer who went astray, got busted, and is now residing in a federal pen among a community of their grudge-holding non-peers who have little to nothing left to lose. Unless of course, the inmate is a former Bureau of Prisons officer who was a bad-ass guard prior to their incarceration. For them, prison life is excruciatingly tough, but it does come with one caveat. They generally get put out of their misery prior to completing their lengthy terms.

For former Bureau of Prisons officer, Michael Rudkin, a new land speed record was set when he got tossed into the federal prison located in Terra Haute, Indiana. Rudkin was initially stripped of his authority when his sexual relationship with a female inmate was discovered.

Further investigations uncovered how Rudkin had plotted with his inmate-on-the-side to have his wife killed. He offered her $5,000 if she could make it happen which he would pay in monthly installments through her commissary account.

But the story doesn’t end here. He also wanted the federal agent from the Justice Department who was assigned to his case to be “taken care of.” Rudkin had already made a $500 down payment to an inmate who said he knew someone on the outside who would do it. There were others he also wanted to have killed but information on them has yet to be released.

Assigning him to Terra Haute was a death sentence. USP Terra Haute is high-security and reserved for only the worst of the worst. This is where Trump managed to rid the world of 13 of the monsters by ordering their executions just prior to leaving office. Rudkin hadn’t earned a private cell on death row, but what he got was worse. 90 years in the general population.

It seems inmate Rudkin got into an altercation of sorts with another inmate who was tougher than him and didn’t know when to let up. The guy beat him to death. Literally.

It’s no surprise how Rudkin’s death comes at such an opportune time as this. Federal Prison incidences have skyrocketed beyond measure in recent times. In some, such as USP Terra Haute, it’s a virtual free-for-all where anything and everything goes. Since the beginning of the pandemic, it’s been one thing immediately following another.

This isn’t due to an increase in leniency by any means. As prisons continue to remain understaffed, their inmate populations are rapidly growing. Plus, a lousy response to the pandemic has fueled discontent, anger, and misconduct. Even lifers want to live.

This begs the question of what can be expected next. Every single day prison officials are growing increasingly more tired of the danger and walking off the job. Their lives aren’t worth the salaries they receive and they prefer living long enough to see their children grow up. Who can blame them? To add to the crisis, there are no new applicants standing in line anxious to take their places.

For now, there is no other way to investigate Rudkin’s death than by calling it what it is. Homicide. He isn’t the first one to meet his maker from inside of a barbed wire fence and he certainly won’t be the last. Now, if the highly outnumbered remaining guards can only keep the inmates from butchering them and walking out the front door that would be really nice, but don’t be surprised when it happens.