It Looks Like Uncle Joe Biden’s The One, Now Faces These Huge Hurdles

With the latest round of primaries done, the consensus of the punditry is that, barring some unforeseen, spectacular event, former Vice President Joe Biden is going to be the Democratic nominee for president of the United States. The socialist blandishments of Bernie Sanders and his army of Bernie Bros have been beaten back.

For the Democratic Party, Biden’s triumph is the good news. However, some bad news is also headed the way of the people who want to topple President Donald Trump and restore what they think is normalcy. From signs of dementia to suspicions of corruption, Biden is judged to be fresh meat for President Trump.

Hot Air delivers the grim news.

“Age really shouldn’t be an issue for any candidate… until it is. And in the case of Joe Biden, his advancing years and mental acuity are going to be in the spotlight right up until election day. What I really can’t wait for is the parade of media talking heads who questioned Donald Trump’s mental health for three years but will now lecture the country about how inappropriate it is for non-doctors to try to diagnose Biden’s grasp on reality.”

Everyone who has followed the current election cycle even casually is aware of the string of gaffes, word salads, and blow-ups that have featured the third Biden for President campaign.

Team Trump is said to be already developing a strategy for an all-out assault on Biden’s mental acuity. The former vice president has not been officially diagnosed with dementia. However, the Trump campaign is going to do that for the medical profession and dare Biden and his handlers to try to deny it.

The American Spectator posit another reason why Biden is going to have an all but impossible time trying to win the presidency. Biden, when all is said and done, is an “archetypal swamp creature.” He has been in public office since 1973 and has learned better than most that being a senator and then vice President of the United States has its perks.

The Hunter Biden scandal has not gone away, no matter how much Team Biden would like it to. His sweetheart deals with Ukraine and China are only matched in their sordidness by his history of drug abuse and the current sex scandal that Hunter is mixed up in, having gotten a woman not his wife with child.

Hunter Biden is currently trying to delay showing up in court, citing, among other things, the coronavirus. Observers of the political scene suspect that the gambit is a transparent attempt to delay things past the current election.

Byron York, writing for the Washington Examiner, has three reasons that he thinks Biden will never be President of the United States.

“So the first reason Biden will not become president is that no one who served 36 years in the Senate has ever become president. No one who served 30 years in the Senate has ever become president. No one who served 25 years in the Senate has ever become president. No one who served 20 years in the Senate has ever become president. No one who served 15 years in the Senate has ever become president.”

York notes that people who have made the leap from the Senate to the presidency, such as JFK and Barack Obama, have been short-timers. Kennedy had one and a third terms while Obama had just four years of a single term. People who have been in the Senate longer, such as Biden, have built up a much longer record that could be attacked successfully by an opponent.

Biden’s time as vice president is not helping either. Most vice presidents who become president do so at the death of the president whom they serve or, in the case of Gerald Ford, his resignation.

George H.W. Bush was the only vice president in modern times who has been elected in his own right immediately after the end of the administration in which he served. Richard Nixon is the only vice president who, as Biden is attempting to do, was elected president as a private citizen after having been vice president.

The third reason York cites for Biden will never be president is something called the “14-year rule.” It states that no politician who spends more than 14 years from his or her first election to the Senate or governorship and the time he or she runs for president has ever been elected President of the United States.

So, there the gentle reader has it. According to the experts, Joe Biden will never be president and Trump is assured a second term. And the experts are always right, correct?