ISIS: Now Going After Israel

If Iran was not enough terror for the world to handle, there are groups like insane ISIS to help make the world an unsafe place to live. Islam has factions within their ranks that are considered extreme.

So extreme that they are willing to kill and terrorize people all in the name of religion. ISIS has announced that they are going to move onto another “stage” with their ways of terror. They are calling on all of their demonic followers to attack Israel every chance that they have.

This move by ISIS is just another way to say that they no longer have the ability to attack other nations that are far away from them. So, they must turn to people that they hate that are close to home.

The very fact that their leader Abu Hamza al Qurayshi had to announce such an endeavor goes to show that they no longer have the ability to effectively communicate with the broken-down factions. President Trump has dealt them a death blow in recent months to the point that they are struggling to survive.

Their leader went on to show more of their sad state when he told everyone to use whatever weapons they could find. His unwise speech let the world know that they no longer have the ability to provide adequate weapons to their absurd followers. They have become a toothless organization with an old microphone yelling for help wherever they can find it. Funny that no one is really listening anymore.

The targets that he wants to attack are hard to get to. All of their efforts in the past have been met with little to no success in the world of terrorism. Israel is just too much for them.

And now that the United States is closing in to destroy them, they are feeling the pressure. They are feeling the pressure of meaningless words and defeat that is knocking on their door.

Their witless leader stated “Today we have begun a new stage in our war against you. Go for the Israeli settlements and marketplaces. Turn them into lands for testing your weapons and chemical rockets and other types [of weapons].”

It is like he is trying to say something, but no one is listening. Israel is not scared of ISIS and neither is the United States. They have become a cell group that no longer has any teeth to their threats.

He wants all Muslims in the area to come down hard on Israel. In a way, he is declaring a holy war against the Jewish people. Islamic terrorists have never stood for peace with any people. Any and all treaties with them have led to future wars.

A treaty is just a fancy word to them which means time to rearm for more conflicts. They just do not like the fact that peace is once again on the table between Israel and their neighbors.

Qurayshi may act like a big shot within ISIS, but he is only the announcer. He went on for nearly 40 minutes in his speech trying to act like a big shot and telling everyone what to do.

He stated “We order you to double the activity and increase the strikes. Write down the targets, draw up plans and booby trap the roads, lay down [roadside bombs], and spread out snipers and kill with silencers. Turn the infidels’ joy into funerals, and lie in wait for them everywhere.”

He wants them to put into print what they are about to do. So the world knows how to prepare for the ridiculous attacks that are being announced to the world. If they had to write everything down, one can only assume that they do not know exactly what it is that they are going to be doing. This stupid announcement that he gave was a picture of the helplessness of ISIS.

What he does not understand is that to attack Israel is to invite the fury of the United States once again. Israel and America are allies and there is nothing that is going to change that fact. When one is attacked the other will come to their defense. ISIS is foolish to attack Israel. The United States will then have the reason to finish them off permanently.