Is Rudy Giuliani is Promoting the Clinton Seth Rich Conspiracy?

The Seth Rich story has led to many conspiracy theories over the last few years.  Rich was supposedly murdered in a botched robbery. Rich’s family only wanted peace and to be left alone after their son’s death in 2016.  Many believe it to be a conspiracy and that it was not just a robbery but a homicide due to the knowledge on the case of Hillary’s “missing” emails.

Fox News’s Sean Hannity raised the red flags on Rich’s death.  President Trump and many other’s in the Right-wing also believe it to be a conspiracy.  Rudy Giuliani responded to a tweet on Twitter to conspiracy theorist Matt Couch’s post, which led many to believe Giuliani may feel it as well.

The conspiracy theories around Seth Rich’s death all point to the Democrats, Hillary Clinton’s “missing” emails, and the Wikileaks.  Many have been pushing the Rich family to go forward with any information, but they just want to be left alone.

They do have that right, but many believe they know something that could put an end to the unanswered questions many have been asking about the Democrats.  The Democrats have sued everyone who gets involved with the Seth Rich case gets injured or turns up dead.

Long story short, in July 2016, Seth Rich was murdered in a “ruled” botched robbery according to police.  He was a staff member of the DNC and had a lot of inside information, including what some believe the “missing” emails Hillary Clinton had bleached.

Fox News and many other websites jumped on the bandwagon of the conspiracy train.  The family sued everyone who was involved with spreading the conspiracies, and other Democrats from the DNC were not too far behind them.

Matt Couch was a conspiracy theorist who posted on Twitter, “I was shot multiple times in the torso. I worked for the DNC.  They called it a botched robbery and sue anyone who investigates it.  Who am I?” Giuliani responded, “I’d like to know.” Knowing everyone who gets involved is sued, Giuliani did not go much into detail other than raising the red flag to the public.

So people can make their conclusions.  Everyone feels it is in retaliation Hillary Clinton sent someone from “the deep state” to kill Rich over the DNC Wikileaks.  It would also prove that the Russians had nothing to do with hacking the systems.  It would also be the 100 percent proof needed to clear President Trump from all the scandal coming from the Democrats.  It is just one big circle which begins and ends with the DNC.

When questioned by The Daily Beast, Giuliani responded via text message, “I didn’t support any conspiracy theory.  I raised several nagging coincidences.  I vaguely remember it and was asking a question about whether it was ever investigated fully. Don’t remember if it was ever solved? Was it.”

Couch was one of the folks in the media who was sued for defamation by Seth’s brother Aaron.  Couch was claiming, “Aaron Rich had helped to steal Democratic emails and received payment from WikiLeaks for the files.”  Every morning he is still pushing his conspiracy theory out to his fans over the web and is devoted to his claims.

Fox News and The Washington Post were sued for covering the story.  They had to back out of the headlines and retract their reports or else they would have been in worse trouble.  There is no doubt everyone on the Right-wing sees what is happening.

Conservatives can smell the stench of Hillary still after she suffered her most devastating defeat.  Just like everyone who “commits suicide” and dies the exact way every time all has ties with the “deep state” in some form or fashion.  There is too much to ignore, but everyone is afraid of being sued or killed.  We cannot blame anyone for those fears because murder is inevitable.

One can say Rudy Giuliani played his cards correctly in his response to the media, by letting the people decide.  His words can speak of sarcasm, but at the same time, those same words have a way of bringing out the truth.

The Clintons and DNC can pinpoint one person or a few at a time, but they cannot kill all of the conservatives at one time and get away with it.  Only by bringing about wars and Liberal protest can they do that is killing people who are smart enough to figure it out by the masses.