Is Kerry the Dems Secret Weapon – Really?

There are some whispers among the Left surrounding a conversation involving John Kerry that was reportedly overheard, and one very crazy scenario brewing as a result of that conversation. Well, the result of that and the sorry state of the Democratic party.

While the source has gone unnamed, it was a source credible enough for mainstream media outlet NBC to report about it. According to the story (and that unnamed source), the conversation involved the possibility of the former Massachusetts Senator and US Secretary of State making another Presidential run.

As the story reported, “…Kerry was heard telling an unknown confidant on the phone at a Des Moines, Iowa, hotel about the steps he would need to take in order to enter the race, including stepping down from Bank of America’s board of directors.”

What added to the validity of this story were the details, such as how his deep-pocket donors would need to “raise a couple million” to even get his campaign started. Then, almost as if he were stating his motivation and reinforcing a growing concern among the Left, he expressed his fear about “the reality of Bernie.”

From these reports, Kerry also said that this reality would also mean “the possibility of Bernie Sanders taking down the Democratic Party — down whole.” And the truth is, it may not be that far from going down as it is.

Of course, Kerry has already denied the reality of him entering the race. Our aforementioned story even cited another part of that conversation where Kerry reportedly expressed doubt about another run himself. In a response to this rumored run, the story cites Kerry saying, “maybe I’m f—ing deluding myself here,” and he has since claimed that he would not be entering the race.

The damage and reciprocations from these seemingly factual reports, however, have already created enough damage. And it is damage that an already fractured and broken party can ill afford.

The Dems have a battle-weary and character-riddled front-runner in Joe Biden. They have a heavily socialist-leaning and questionably stable co front-runner in Bernie Sanders, and several long-shot contenders vying for runner-up to the Democratic nomination.

That is why names like Michelle Obama have been circulated, despite her lack of any political experience (unless being a First lady qualifies), as a potential VP running mate. It is why names like Hilary have resurfaced, even this late in the game!

It is why rumors of John Kerry making a run have sparked hope because the Dems have none. With his policies and political agendas aside, as a man and a person, the former Senator’s character is head and shoulders above the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates.

John Kerry is a veteran of the Vietnam conflict, and he isn’t only a veteran, he is a decorated veteran. Having spent his military career in the U.S. Navy, Kerry earned not one but three purple hearts, he has a Bronze Star (with valor), and many other accolades and accomplishments. In fact, he would likely be the best candidate the Democrats have to offer and the best competition for Trump.

The former Secretary of State says that’s not going to happen, however, and that leaves one less life-line for the Democrats who are grasping at this point. The economy is setting records, foreign policy is getting stronger, and the country is moving forward.

Maybe it is for the best that Kerry isn’t going to enter the race (so he says – he is a Democrat, after all)? Because the only thing worse than hope deferred is false hope given, and in all reality, not even John Kerry would be enough to beat President Trump in 2020.

Meanwhile, the impeachment joke in Washington has failed and there isn’t a viable Democratic candidate interested in getting into the race this late. Yes, the Dems are out of options but the problems may be bigger than that as Kerry pointed out.

Scandals, rogue party members, far-left idealism, and socialist laden policies are dominating the Democratic party and destroying it too. Sadly for them, not even a hero like John Kerry can save them, but who can?