Is Amazon Going Bankrupt?

Amazon investors were shocked when CEO, Jeff Bezos, announced his opinion for the future of the company.

In a recent interview, he stated, “I predict one day, Amazon will fail.” He goes on to say he has full confidence that “Amazon will be disrupted one day” and will “go bankrupt.”

As a testament to his lack of faith in Amazon, he revealed that he has been cashing out of nearly $1 billion of the companies stock every year for a while now.

Why Is He Giving Up?

We have to ask ourselves, why would the CEO of one of the most successful and popular companies on the face of the planet have so much doubt concerning his own legacy.

The answer lies in what he is doing with his Amazon cash-out money. No, he isn’t using it to fund his extravagant lifestyle. It turns out he is re-investing it into a small tech-based company less than 1/6ths of Amazon’s size.

But why? What do they have that Amazon doesn’t?

This company is producing and using a powerful component that he (and quite a few others) believe to be the future of technology. It’s something Bezos says will “improve every business.”

This tiny piece of tech is starting a revolution that is taking out competition left and right, Amazon included because it can’t produce it in-house.

That’s why Bezos sees this as a fantastic opportunity for investment. And he isn’t the only one who has noticed.

  • Warren Buffet claims this will have a “hugely beneficial social and effect and will be extremely disruptive to business as we know it.
  • One of Shark Tank’s billionaires trusts it will produce the first trillionaire the world has seen.
  • And Elon Musk has begun investing nearly $1 billion in this tech.

According to these investment super-stars, this could be bigger than Tesla, Amazon, and Berkshire Hathaway combined… a simply enormous opportunity they can’t afford to miss out on.

Market researchers suggest this tech could someday be worth as much as $19 trillion. It’s no wonder that Bezos would abandon his own company’s stock when numbers like that exist.

And many believe we haven’t seen anything yet; the most significant returns can only be imagined at this point. Who knows how big this could get once it hits the mainstream? Investors the world over are racing to get their hands on this small piece of technology and the radical profits it could bring before it really takes off.

Yet, most ordinary Americans haven’t even heard of it and, therefore, have no idea how to get involved and invest in what could be world-changing technology. Listen carefully, and you will hear murmurs of a next-generation tech-revolution from countless billionaire investors.