Iran Wants Sanctions Lifted Because of Virus

The illustrious terrorist nation Iran is back and making their sinful demands more than ever. Their president is not asking but demanding that the sanctions be lifted from their country because of the coronavirus.

He wants to use this human killer virus as a means to free his country from the sanctions that have saved so many lives from terrorist deaths. Iran only wants to start up their treacherous ways, so they can kill Americans and other people that they hate with a passion.

The Iranian president fails to realize that he can end what he calls the “dark chapter” in his country anytime he wants. All he has to do is cease making nuclear materials and negotiate a better deal.

But this would mean that he has to yield to the mighty United States. It is his pride that is keeping him from doing the right thing. All the terror and hurt that has happened to the Iranian people are because their evil leader will not deal fairly with the surrounding nations.

Hassan Rouhani is Iran’s evil dictator president. This time he is appealing to the people of the United States to tell President Trump to lift the sanctions. New sanctions have been levied on Iran last week.

There are now five new companies that are forbidden to transact business with. These companies are involved with activities that are terrorist, and they seek to support the evil wishes of Rouhani.

Iran has tried to cover up the terror that the coronavirus is having on the people. All because evil Rouhani did not want to swallow his pride and ask for help to combat the sickness sweeping through his land. In the end, he will try to blame the West for his problems and failures to his people. The new sanctions have only tightened the grip around Rouhani’s neck. He is finally feeling the pressure.

Brian Hook who is the U.S. special representative for Iranian affairs stated that “Our policy of maximum pressure on the regime continues.” President Trump will not release the hold that he has on the Iranian dictator. The sanction effect has taken hold because of the virus. It has now brought Iran to their knees and is finally bringing their sinful leader to his senses.

What the world fails to see is that the sanctions do not keep aid from getting into the country. They just keep Iran from being able to sell the oil. Which is the main source of income for their country.

This is the money that was being used to develop nuclear power. At the height of their power, Iran threatened to use their weapons on people just to get what they wanted out of them. There is no reason that is sane enough to lift the sanctions from them.

Rouhani is crying like a baby when he states, “Even under the circumstances of the pandemic, the U.S. government has failed to abandon its malicious policy of maximum pressure; and is thus in practice aiding the spread of this virus with its sanctions.”

He is realizing that people do not care what happens to them at this point because he has threatened and killed innocent people just like the virus.

No one is going to believe his lies. He urges other nations to ignore the sanctions. And he is urging nations to pull together to beat the virus. But the invite to unite excludes the United States because he sees America as his enemy. President Trump stands in his way of nuclear dominance. The tiny nation will stop at nothing to cry about the sanctions. They are urging all liberal Democrats to flock to their side in this fake time of need.

The number of people affected by the virus is reported to be in the thousands. But those numbers cannot be trusted because they are coming from a source of information that lies about everything else.

They drum up fake news to make themselves look great and their enemies look bad. They attack their neighbors and then blame their neighbors for the attack. President Trump has called their bluff. They wither have to deal fairly or continue to dive into the poor house because of their evil leader’s choices.